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(trailer review) - The Mandalorian: Season 2

Since Disney has joined the streaming wars, one thing they said they were going to do, was to make sure they had more Star Wars content.  And although the year of 2020 has been a shambles in many ways, not just affecting the lives and livelihood of actors, filming and movie studios, not to mentioned closed cinemas/theatres, having a soundstage (or whatever they use to make the Mandalorian, has worked out in everyones favour.  Granted, the pandemic hadn't hit their production as they had finished filming before the worldwide lockdown, but with the equipment they have, it goes to show that they have got a system in place where they can churn out episodes after episodes after episodes quickly and easily.

This initial trailer is amazing!  There isn't much to it at all and it is also fairly short, but the music, what they show you and if you have seen the first season, WHAT YOU KNOW SO FAR!? It looks soo much better visually and even the world has been expanded, sorry the universe, we are going deeper and deeper into what we know from Star Wars and the Jedi.  As we found out at the end of the first season, The Mandalorian (Hey Mando) is on a quest to find the species of 'the baby' (dubbed Baby Yoda) or the scorchers know as Jedi!  Another trailer will definitely sell this even more if you are not already sold by seeing Tatooine, a Tusken Raider or X-Wings!

Word on the street is that, Pedro wants to have is helmet off, became difficult and has walked from the project.  This baffles me as he signed on to play a character who keeps his helmet on.  I hope they can write into the story reasons as to why some Mandalorians wear helmets and keep them on and why some don't and take them off.

Directed by John Favreau and starring Pedro Pascal


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