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(trailer review) - Enola Holmes

I do try to keep my ears to the streets in regards to the latest news on film.  And when I say streets, I mean the internet, Internet Provider permitting of course, but I remember when it was announced they were going to do a show/film on Enola Holmes, Sherlock and Mycroft's younger sister.  I think I remember them mentioning Helen Bonham-Carter but for the most part, I remember how I felt when they mentioned this project surrounding Sherlock's younger sister.  I believe my thoughts were, "Ok!?" "Why?" "Really?" something along those lines.  I might have even said "Who cares?" and then proceeded with "Anything to just milk a franchise for change".  You see, I know nothing of Sherlock's younger sister, never heard of her.  I've never read any of those books and the only Sherlock I'm familiar with was the ones I used to watch growing up.  I've only really found out recently about his older brother Mycroft through either the Robert Downey Jr. portrayal in the movies, which I really like (Guy Ritchie, get back on it for the third one) or the Benedict Cumberbatch BBC One TV series.  Upon seeing the trailer (and I'm going to be honest), I actually liked it.

From what is made known in the trailer, Enola (Millie Bobby Brown) wakes up one day and her mother is missing.  As she has a close relationship with her, she sets out on mission to track and find her mother with the help of her older brother's Sherlock (Henry Cavill) and Mycroft (Sam Claflin), but when it seems her brothers are not interested, she goes about it by herself anyway.  

This trailer showed how fun this film may be.  Millie is a wonderful actress, famed for her role as Eleven in the Stranger Things series (which is a really really good series) and Henry aka Superman aka August Walker (from Mission Impossible) aka Geralt or Rivia (from the Witcher series) is an excellent actor growing in popularity and charm in nothing but great roles. I also loved him in The Man from U.N.C.L.E (one again, Guy Ritchie, pull your finger out mate).  Nothing but a superb cast, not to mention Helen and her plethora of great roles.  It looks like fun so it would be interesting to watch, albeit very kiddie friendly, which isn't a bad thing at all.

Directed by Harry Bradbeer and starring Millie Bobby Brown, Sam Claflin, Adeel Akhtar, Fiona Shaw, Frances de la Tour, Louis Partridge, Susie Wokoma, Henry Cavill, Helena Bonham Carter,


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