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(trailer review) - Enola Holmes

I do try to keep my ears to the streets in regards to the latest news on film.  And when I say streets, I mean the internet, Internet Provider permitting of course, but I remember when it was announced they were going to do a show/film on Enola Holmes, Sherlock and Mycroft's younger sister.  I think I remember them mentioning Helen Bonham-Carter but for the most part, I remember how I felt when they mentioned this project surrounding Sherlock's younger sister.  I believe my thoughts were, "Ok!?" "Why?" "Really?" something along those lines.  I might have even said "Who cares?" and then proceeded with "Anything to just milk a franchise for change".  You see, I know nothing of Sherlock's younger sister, never heard of her.  I've never read any of those books and the only Sherlock I'm familiar with was the ones I used to watch growing up.  I've only really found out recently about his older brother Mycroft through e

(trailer review) - The Batman

While a lot of us are trying to understand as to why there is ANOTHER Batman film, we need to first understand that Hollywood is a business and whatever makes the most money, they will milk it dry and then move onto the next.  With that said, we also need to understand that Warner Bros. who own Detective Comics (DC) in its entirety and all of its characters, will do whatever they can in order to gross the most amount of money in their films.  This also means using what has been successful. The issue we had with Spider-Man (from Sony) and the multiple Spider-Men movies over the years were due to many things; too much studio control or influence, no plan or structure, lacklustre storylines etc and that isn't to mention the signed contracts and having to produce a movie every so often before the rights revert back to Marvel, like what happened with Daredevil, Punisher, Ghost Rider etc.  With Batman, it is a different type of "struggle".  Although Batman was successful o

(trailer review) - Zack Snyder's Justice League

First of all, imagine being a director and the studio feel you haven't done such a great job (not like the studio knew what they were doing or if any of them are comic book fanatics anyway), they use your recently passed young daughter to remove you from the film they wanted you to make and get someone else to finish the job, adding the same kind of flair that director helped to make another similar movie popular and a lot of money for the studio's rival or main competition.  I'd feel a type of way, I'm not going to lie. Warner Bros. have been trying to catch up with Marvel (well Disney, now) since the very first Iron Man movie in 2008.  With nobody at the top detailing a plan and sticking to it, they were simply trying this character, then that character, rather than starting with a character and building a story and an over-arching plot/plan etc like what Marvel did with Thanos and the Infinity Gauntlet Saga spanning 22 or so movies.  Apparently, it was to start

(trailer review) - Wonder Woman 1984

(Official Main Trailer) ( Official Trailer ) What has been really weird of lately is that, I've not reviewed a few trailers and many would go by and somehow I would, well, not review it for some reason.  I'm going to try and get on top of that in a way that benefits us both, myself the reviewer and you, the reader.  In some ways, I'm thankful because I'm not reviewing 26 trailers for one film or TV series, like The Boys for a good example, but then at the same time, I'm not reviewing the subtle differences with these trailers.  The Official Trailer was 8th December 2019,! Anyway, this trailer is a huge step up from an already great looking trailer.  It shows more of what is going on and what is meant to be happening in regards to plot.  It seems as though Maxwell Lord is able to grant people wishes in which Diana Prince wishes for Steve Trevor and Barbara, wishes to be more powerful than Wonder Woman, an Apex Predator and becomes a Cheetah.

(trailer review) - The New Mutants

It's funny, I haven't done a single trailer review for this Movie so I guess it is only fitting to put THIS trailer up out of the thousands that came before because at least this one will give you more of a taster of what we should expect.  I haven't done a single review until now because, 1). I only started doing trailer reviews late last year.  2). This film is essentially two years old and I'm sure it was announced 6 years ago.  3). How do we even know it's going to come out on the 28th August 2020?  This movie has been through it and they are really starting to hype it up so I take it, they are more concrete than ever right now?  Te Disney acquisition of Fox and all their movie properties has put a lot of their projects in a weird place and this movie was definitely one of them.  At one point, it seemed likely that they would drop the movie on Disney Plus, but at this rate, it IS a matter of, people want to see what kind of sh*tshow this movie is, IF it is ev

(trailer review) - Death on the Nile

I remember seeing the trailer for 'Death on the Orient Express' and for the most part, I was somewhat interested in it.  It wasn't a moving mountains to go and see it kind of movie for me but I would have liked to have seen it in the cinema but I just didn't get around to seeing it.  For this trailer, I do feel the same as the first movie but seeing Letitia Wright aka Shuri (Black Panther) and Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) in a movie together with Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders is an absolute madness to me. Kenneth must know the two latter ladies personally because French and Saunders (It used to be a British TV show back in the day) are definitely two comedic ladies he has certainly pulled from obscurity because I haven't seen them in ANYTHING recently.  Russell Brand was totally unrecognisable and to have Rose Leslie aka 'You Know Nothing Jon Snow' also featured, the talent alone has more than peaked my interest, it's just that, in this climate now,

(film review) [STREAMING] - Project Power

As previously stated in my trailer review, "Just when I thought we may have had enough of superhero shows and such, this trailer reared it's head like "Hello there!" (only said in an Obi Wan voice)" and for the most part, that is EXACTLY what this film has done taking many people and fans alike aback, scratching their head wondering many things.  Super powers? Comic book? Jamie Foxx? Netflix?  But from what I know and working my way backwards, Netflix has a host of it's own shows which are pretty good, including films which includes some kind of super powers or enhanced individuals.  It is definitely a surprise seeing Jamie Foxx again since The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and for the most part, who knew he was filming anything other than Soul.  Nope, doesn't appear to be connected to any graphic novel, cartoon strip or comic book.  And well, why not have a movie about super powers? It's this era's hot commodity in which if done well, isn't somethi

(trailer review) - The Devil All The Time

So, I remember hearing about this movie a little while back and then I completely forgot about it, now that I have seen the trailer, this movie looks great!  The cast alone is great from Robert Pattinson to young Luke Skywalker aka Sebastian Stan, but what really gripped me to the trailer, was the nefarious tone and vibe to it all.  EVERYONE seems a bit sketchy and untrustworthy.  Jason Clarke alone is a little creepy in this and Tom Holland looks as though he will be playing a much darker role than what he has been recently or wildly known for as Peter Parker, Spider-Man.  Oh and Pennywise himself Bill Skarsgård...nothing much more needs to be said, I'm sure. I can't gauge exactly what is going on in this trailer other than some, what looks like murder and ritualistic, insane, barbaric, possibly sexual, killing type craziness.  Maybe another trailer will flush out the goings on a little better! Directed by Antonio Campos and starring Tom Holland, Bill Skarsgård, Riley

(trailer review) - Judas and the Black Messiah

I swear this has to be one of the most humble guys I've seen in acting who is just AMAZING at his craft.  Not to say that other actors are not amazing and/or humble, but I really do feel that Daniel brings a different kind of energy to his craftsmanship. He was in Kick Ass 2, he was in a Black Mirror Episode, starred in Get Out WITH Lakeith Stanfield, in Black Panther DIRECTED by Ryan Coogler (who also produces this movie) and also in Queen and Slim, a film that made me cry and angry and his performance was also great in that.  he has been in other movies i haven't mentioned, but this trailer alone looks Award winning for this award nominated actor. There's nothing much I can say in regards to this trailer as the trailer speaks volumes loud and clear, unless there will be some twists involved.  Fred Hampton is set up by close ally and/or friend due to his co-operation with the police who are trying to take Fred down.  I don't know the real life story along with countl

(trailer review) - The Boys: Season 2

(Official Trailer) ( official teaser trailer ) ( second trailer /first look clip) ( first trailer ) How many trailers, guys??? HOW MANY!?!  At this point it's literally a Copy + Paste effort! This trailer though, is definitely the business and if you wasn't involved already, there is a strong possibility that you are now, unless you simply don't care for it. You see, the superhero/comic book genre is somewhat over saturated and if we are going to keep with the genre, we DO need to have a fresh spin on it and last years, The Boys from Amazon, was JUST THAT!  Along with Umbrella Academy from Netflix, Amazon hit this one clean out of the park and although grittier and and more violent than Umbrella Academy, this show's storyline was also great to get into. This trailer gives you SOOOO much more with what is going on in this season and without trying to repeat myself, Homelander and Stormfront don't seem to be seeing eye-to-eye, but whilst Homelander is after Bi

(series review) [STREAMING] - Umbrella Academy: Season 2

We now live in a world where binging is a past time we indulge in shows that we love and we tend to consume it within just a few days.  I say " we now live in a world" but if I'm honest, we have been here a while now and binging is becoming the norm, especially during this Pandemic and for the most part, information is everywhere and nobody really want to have shows they are interested, spoiled for them. What I will say though, although binging will take hours from you instantly, it does help you to catch up on shows you've never seen before or for a nice little recap.  I gave myself a recap on this show for the first season as I couldn't remember all the details and wanted to be ready for season 2.  I will go into season 1 ever so briefly, with mild spoilers before I go into my non-spoiler review. for season 2. So, if you haven't seen the first season of Umbrella Academy, prepared to be spoiled just a little. Imagine X-Men, a school for gifted ch

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