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(trailer review) - Project Power

Just when I thought we may have had enough of superhero shows and such, this trailer reared it's head like "Hello there!".  I'm not sure if I'm actually tired of them to be honest, but from Raising Dion, to Umbrella Academy, The Boys, Doom Patrol, the ENTIRETY of the Berlanti Universe, Black Lightning, Flash, Supergirl and such, not to mention the films AND the Disney Plus MCU shows like Falcon and The Winter Soldier, WondaVison and Loki, I'll repeat, I thought we were exhausted, but this film helps us to understand why we may not and possibly, why we will continue to have more superhero shows.

From what I could tell, there is this pill which can give you powers that will only last for only 5 minutes, but the powers are unspecified and random. Jamie Foxx's character, he is trying to save his daughter, however, I am unsure if the people who have his daughter are the people who make and distribute the Power Drug or if he is on a quest to get the Power Drug to help save his daughter with the help of a young girl.  It seems more like the latter although it could be a mixture of both.  But with the addition of Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a Police Officer who wants to help him clean the streets up and get rid of this power drug, it seems this could be a rollercoaster ride of fun.  Netflix could be onto something here.  I'm interested, I'm also getting slight Limitless vibes too.

Directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost and starring Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dominique Fishback


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