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(trailer review) - Die Hart

Clean into the middle of the pandemic and worldwide (kinda) lockdown period, Kevin Hart drops a trailer for a new film which has a title riff of "Die Hard", is a comedy and starring John Travolta...colour me intrigued!

Going by the trailer, it appears as though, Die Hart is about Kevin Hart basically playing a fictional version of himself trying to become an action star akin to Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in which, I guess in real life, where he has always been the sidekick and comic relief in films like Ride Along, Jumanji and Central Intelligence, he is tired of being just the sidekick and believes he can be an action star.  To become that action star, Kevin seeks help from (John Travolta) who will push Kevin to his limits to become the hard as nails action hero he desires to be, but can Kevin handle it?

This looks funny. Kevin is funny and although his schtick can be annoying at times and played out, this film actually does come across as funny due to Kevin's ridiculous nature, like when he tells stand up jokes.  The bit at the end with the building had me laughing out loud, so i'm definitely involved.  I'm just wondering if this is a film or a series.

Directed by Eric Appel and starring Kevin Hart, John Travolta, Nathalie Emmanuel, Jean Reno and Josh Hartnett.


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