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(series review) [STREAMING] - Warrior Nun

I stumbled across this show because it was one of the first things I saw when I turned on my Netflix one day.  It was the scene where she's being hit and the weapon in phasing through the girl and she's surprised that she couldn't feel anything.  My brain instinctively went to me recalling something I read in a Facebook group I'm in for film and TV shows, I remember someone distinctively saying they were enjoying the show.  So with this in mind, I decided to watch the show and see if I would too, enjoy the show.  Sigh.

Warrior Nun is about an ancient order of nuns who protect the living from the demons that roam the Earth.  The demons are looking for an artefact known to the nuns as a Halo in which was passed down from an entity/angel during the Great Crusades in order to save a dying woman.  The halo gave her powers and has been a part of the Order of the Cruciform Sword (OCS) ever since being passed down.  However, one day a tetraplegic orphan awakes in a morgue with new found powers haven been given the Halo and now she must help the OCS fend off and defeat the demons which are after the Halo.

This series is actually very decent and I only have a few gripes with the show and I'll list them out first. Although the acting is fine, I had more issue with with dialogue in places and the lead/main actress does come across as annoying in the way she speaks and her behaviour.  However, having learned that the show derives from a Manga Anime, led me to be more forgiving.  In addition to that, she IS a teenager.  Another gripe I had was the middle of the season, as it drags and you could fully cook a full three-course meal over 2-3 episodes and still wouldn't have missed much.  The whole, I want to be a teenager and live life was played out for way too long.  I didn't mind the love/hate dynamics between a couple of the characters though.  Which leads me to saying, 10 episodes was way too much and they could have done with 8, especially how the show ended which was my biggest gripe with the entire show.  It's fair to say you could get a meal ready over the 3 or so dragging episodes, so at least you'd be able to eat, but how the show ultimately ended was soo abrupt, it really upset me and I just felt that, if the show does not get picked up for a second season, I've wasted 10 episodes and time in my life with a show that could have been executed better and have more pulling power than it currently does.

There are some real strong character building in this show with great background stories for the main characters.  Shotgun Mary (Toya Turner) and Sister Lilith (Lorena Andrea) were amazing. The fighting scenes are great and you can see everything that is happening.  There is a scene with one of the nuns and she takes out a hallway of men, nicely.  Granted the CGI demons can use a little work, but they are not distracting enough to pull you out of the show.  What might distract you is the narrating but other than that and the dragging middle section, the show runs fairly smoothly with character building elements helping you to understand each character, but in regards of the B-Storyline, with the scientist, I was a little confused by that.  And because the show ends abruptly, you are none the wiser as to what happens with the use of the science equipment.

As for villains, the story of Ava is centred in the middle of betrayal, politics and corruption so it is difficult to figure out who to trust as there are twists left and right keeping the viewers on their toes. It was actually funny in the sense of, the church deals with all these things, when you wouldn't necessarily think so. The major twist at the end, I figured it out as it was happening, but you don't see the conclusion of that twist at all...and then at the "final fight" its about to get real juicy and then episode 10 is finished.  Soo annoying.  Music and cinematography was ok, but could have been better, but as I stated, some elements of the show could have been executed more rapidly than dragging them out with throw away characters although they served a small purpose.


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