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(trailer review) - Bill & Ted Face the Music

( Trailer 1 ) So in my last trailer review, I said "As I remember, Bill & Ted was a decent film (for my mind frame) at that time and if I remember correctly, I really liked Bogus Journey as I thought the Robot Bill & Ted was cool.  As for this trailer, hmmm, I'm just not sure yet." Considering the link above didn't offer much than the actual trailer above, I can now say, this looks like it's going to be a real fun movie.  Harkening back to my earlier statement having seen this trailer, this Trailer made me really smile. The trailer showed Bill and Ted having been called again to save the world and it actually looks like their daughters (of whom are just like their fathers), will be in on the ride to help their fathers with the task.  The couples therapy gag was funny, the end clip with the daughters in hell gag is funny, the visit to the future 'jacked up' selves in prison gag is funny and it seems it delivers warmth in a way that will be endearing

(trailer review) - Project Power

Just when I thought we may have had enough of superhero shows and such, this trailer reared it's head like "Hello there!".  I'm not sure if I'm actually tired of them to be honest, but from Raising Dion, to Umbrella Academy, The Boys, Doom Patrol, the ENTIRETY of the Berlanti Universe, Black Lightning, Flash, Supergirl and such, not to mention the films AND the Disney Plus MCU shows like Falcon and The Winter Soldier, WondaVison and Loki, I'll repeat, I thought we were exhausted, but this film helps us to understand why we may not and possibly, why we will continue to have more superhero shows. From what I could tell, there is this pill which can give you powers that will only last for only 5 minutes, but the powers are unspecified and random. Jamie Foxx's character, he is trying to save his daughter, however, I am unsure if the people who have his daughter are the people who make and distribute the Power Drug or if he is on a quest to get the Power Dru

(series review) [STREAMING] - Warrior Nun

I stumbled across this show because it was one of the first things I saw when I turned on my Netflix one day.  It was the scene where she's being hit and the weapon in phasing through the girl and she's surprised that she couldn't feel anything.  My brain instinctively went to me recalling something I read in a Facebook group I'm in for film and TV shows, I remember someone distinctively saying they were enjoying the show.  So with this in mind, I decided to watch the show and see if I would too, enjoy the show.  Sigh. Warrior Nun is about an ancient order of nuns who protect the living from the demons that roam the Earth.  The demons are looking for an artefact known to the nuns as a Halo in which was passed down from an entity/angel during the Great Crusades in order to save a dying woman.  The halo gave her powers and has been a part of the Order of the Cruciform Sword (OCS) ever since being passed down.  However, one day a tetraplegic orphan awakes in a morgue with

(film review) [STREAMING] - The Old Guard

Charlize Theron has been around for a minute and although I already knew of her from Aeon Flux and one or two others, she really popped onto the scene as an action star, more from Atomic Blonde and Mad Max: Fury Road.  I absolutely LOVED Mad Max: Fury Road and Atomic Blonde was actually good too.  Not many people went to see it but there is a great stairway fight and although there may have been hidden camera cuts (Movie Magic), Charlize really sold that performance, plus I love me a continuous shot.  The Old Guard was a bit of a surprise for me if I'm honest as it seemed to come out of nowhere because I never heard much rumblings about it until only a month or two before it came out and now that it has dropped, I will say, the film has moments where I felt they could have done better, but overall, I really enjoyed it. The Old Guard is about a team of Immortals who carry out missions fighting for the greater, or a cause they deem "the right cause".  Being immortal mak

(trailer review) - Die Hart

Clean into the middle of the pandemic and worldwide (kinda) lockdown period, Kevin Hart drops a trailer for a new film which has a title riff of "Die Hard", is a comedy and starring John Travolta...colour me intrigued! Going by the trailer, it appears as though, Die Hart is about Kevin Hart basically playing a fictional version of himself trying to become an action star akin to Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson in which, I guess in real life, where he has always been the sidekick and comic relief in films like Ride Along, Jumanji and Central Intelligence, he is tired of being just the sidekick and believes he can be an action star.  To become that action star, Kevin seeks help from (John Travolta) who will push Kevin to his limits to become the hard as nails action hero he desires to be, but can Kevin handle it? This looks funny. Kevin is funny and although his schtick can be annoying at times and played out, this film actually does come across as funny due to Kevin's

(trailer review) - The Boys: Season 2

Official Teaser Trailer ( second trailer /first look clip) ( first trailer ) Ok, so I'm not sure how many trailers they want to release for this thing but this one says OFFICIAL teaser whist the first one was a official teaser, trailer...anyway, this one looks a whole lot better and gives us FAR MORE of what is going to be happening in this second season. If you combine the first trailer and the first look clip, with this trailer, it seems as though Homelander has declared war on Billy Butcher and The Boys whilst also trying to raise a child AND deal with a Newcomer to The Seven.  This season might be more about Homelander and how he deals with his personal vendetta against The Boys and the actions from the past season.  It seems as though The Boys will be doing all they can to outsmart the powered individuals as well as take them down. It's been a good week as not only did this new trailer drop but so did Umbrella Academy and I'm ALL FOR IT!  Let's just ho

(trailer review) - Umbrella Academy: Season 2

When I watched the first season of Umbrella Academy, I was blown away.  If you are into Superhero shows, movies and that genre altogether, then you will understand what this show is about and what it is similar to.  X-Men, but not as PG as there is swearing involved and extreme violence.  As the Superhero genre has been booming in TV and film for over 18 years and since the 2000s, it was refreshing to watch this show of a dysfunctional superhero family in this over saturated industry and to be honest, this is not a bad thing at all. I'm going to have to watch the first season again before this season starts as I cannot remember everything that happened, but it's going to be a delight as the acting is superb and seeing them all again is great. This trailer is great and while I was waiting for this trailer since forever, I'm definitely loving the crews dynamic and how it seems they have now gelled well as a family and are actually bonding more with their natural squabbl

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