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(trailer review) - The Boys: Season 2

( first trailer ) During this pandemic, I have been struggling to keep up with the amount of shows I can be watching or binging on.  It's mad because, there is soo much but I don't want to just watch a show just to watch a show, if you know what I mean.  I tried hunters, but I simply didn't care for it.  But now that we have an actual date for this, I am actually looking forward to it. As I have previously stated, the first season was good and I really enjoyed it and with the twist at the end, caught me off guard.  But this trailer seems to show some animosity between Homelander and the new recruit Stormfront (from Homelander of course) and the last trailer showed him with what seemed like a young Homelander, will be very interesting to see what happens in this season of The Boys when it drops in September.  Once again, Amazon did well with this one. Directed  by Eric Kripke and starring Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Dominique McElli

(film review) [STREAMING] - Da 5 Bloods

I think I vaguely remember hearing about Spike Lee doing a film based on Soldiers from the Vietnam War.  But I never heard much else about it until this movie dropped on Netflix.  Now in the midst of a pandemic, people have initially thought that if a film with great actors and a great director, then the reason the film is released on a streaming platform is because either, the film studio behind it didn't like the way it turned out so they sold it onto the streaming service, or the director who was pitching then idea, no studio wanted to buy it so a streaming service stepped in in distribute.  People would have thought that the film would be shoddy or not worth watching, even if it was from a director like Spike Lee.  The general consensus is that, streaming platforms do not have the budget or quality as main studios such as a Disney, Universal and such.  Besides, Spike has had some misses, you know, like most great directors, but this film...THIS film, that was produced by 40 Acr

(trailer review) - Bill & Ted Face the Music

I was going to start off with, "this has to be the wildest sequel of recent years", but as I started thinking about sequels to movies from back in the day, I remembered, there is a Top Gun movie sequel and a Dune sequel in the making.  Anyway, chances are, like Top Gun, you may not have seen Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure or Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey.  You may not have seen the cartoon they did as well.  As I remember, Bill & Ted was a decent film (for my mind frame) at that time and if I remember correctly, I really liked Bogus Journey as I thought the Robot Bill & Ted was cool.  As for this trailer, hmmm, I'm just not sure yet. The trailer, I'm not entirely sure what to make of it, but I did chuckle a few times.  $2 Taco Night and the completely too ripped Bill & Ted from a different future, funny...but I'm hoping it is funnier.  It looks like it will be crazy and possibly in the same vein as Bogus Journey and considering, I

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