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(trailer review) - Tenet

( First Initial Trailer ) Christopher Nolan is adamant to still have this film shown in the cinema in the next few months during this here pandemic.  And although he is one of my favourite Directors to date, I'm not sure if he should really pursue this without delaying because I'm not sure how comfortable people will be in the cinema for the rest of the year let alone in a few months. What I will say though, this looks amazing already.  It's like, can you expect anything less from a Christopher Nolan film at this point?  It looks like a guy has been chosen to have these abilities and he also enlists on the help of another guy in order to stop World War 3 from happening by using time against....the...plot? Huh? Using time from the future in order to stop the future be rewinding the present?  Whatever it is, we will know at some point and if anything, it will leave us as baffled as Interstellar and Inception. Directed  by Christopher Nolan and starring John David Was

(series review) - Gangs of London

I kept hearing about this show, Gangs of London.  "Have you seen Gangs of London?", "Are you watching Gangs of London?" And my reply was always a no.  I feel I saw a trailer to it, but if I'm really honest, some UK TV shows are simply pants.  And maybe it's because I live in London, I feel anything centred around London would be far-fetched or just silly.  Or, some shows are just not for me! Having seen Blue Story and how that film made me reflect on my life growing up, gangs and all that, and having watched Luther, a show I've really enjoyed in the past and also Top Boy, I decided to give this one a chance.  The buzz around it was incredible and Gareth Edwards directed one of my favourite films, The Raid, so his directing and action had to come out in some way during this show, right? And it did. And I loved it! Gangs of London is about a guy named Elliot Finch (Sope Dirisu) who has a past that haunts him.  Undercover police officer, he is

(film review) [STREAMING] - All Day and a Night

It's nice to get movies like this.  Movies where people can relate to the characters on a more personal level.  Not to say I could, but I can understand why a lot of people like the main character would.  I knew from the direction, the music and style of filming, this movie reminded me of another.  Having looked up who wrote the movie, it then became clear.  If you haven't seen Moonlight you should.  An excellent movie and having now seen these two movies, I see the similarities.  Maybe they were going for a similar thing, but I don't believe this one quite hit the mark like how Moonlight did and for me, that was because of the ending.  I'll explain. The film is about a young man named Jahkor (Ashton Sanders) who is now expected to serve life in prison for the murder of another man, Malcolm (Stephen Barrington) and his wife.  Once in prison, Jahkor reflects on his circumstances, his upbringing, his life at home, his friends TQ (Isaiah John), Lamark (Christop

(trailer review) - The King of Staten Island

I didn't think we were going to get much trailers for films recently until things started to cool down.  Funnily enough, this movie is being released 'on demand' meaning Rakuten or something like that, which makes me ask, "is this them testing the waters for new films recently for 'on demand'?, do they not have much faith in the movie? or was this always the plan? Regardless I really like the look of this movie. This movi s comes across to me about a man struggling with his past and accepting his destiny, maybe, in becoming a firefighter like his father.  It seems like there are some unresolved issues with the loss of his father and h find other creative and no creative ways to deal with it, but in the end needs to push forward and love life along with dealing with his loss.  I could be very wrong and maybe he want to be a tattoo artist and actually ultimately ends up doing it, but I don't get that at all from the trailer.  It seems like it would be sa

(series review) [STREAMING] - The Clone Wars

What can I say about the animated series 'The Clone Wars'?  Well, I'll say that it was something I was never interested in.  It came out at a time where, although Star Wars is for children and adults alike, I thought "why am I going to watch a cartoon series of Star Wars when I have the films".  If I'm honest, I just didn't quite get it.  But I have a love for Star Wars and the overall story of it all.  While a lot cannot tell the difference between a Star Wars from a Star Trek or know if a Klingon choice of weapon is a Lightsabre, this cartoon does a great deal to flesh out in detail what Star Wars is ALL ABOUT and most importantly, how a young Anakin Skywalker becomes one of the most notorious and world famous characters in movie history and the world. Before I get into all of that though.  A good few years back, I got onto 'The Clone Wars' after hearing about it on podcasts such as 'Jedi Council' among other mediums and I sta

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