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(trailer review) - LA's Finest: Season 2

First of all, I thought this was cancelled!  Secondly, I thought it was trash, so it got cancelled! Thirdly, I never watched it personally, but when I heard of a TV series which would be the spin-off of Bad Boys 2, I thought "seriously?" Sydney Burnett? Who cares?" But since it had been renewed for a season 2 and obviously, had to be fairly decent to get this far, it must have been somewhat successful or are Sony doing too much?

What they should have done (unless I missed it), was mention Sydney's role in the LAPD in the 3rd Bad Boys movie as that is obviously a lost opportunity for the series and to the franchise.  Also, maybe a cameo from either Will or Martin, (Martin would be better), maybe a phone call or house visit, make it a little more inclusive.  Hopefully she turns up in the 4th Bad Boys should they do one.  I'm sure they will, it made money and they should capitalize immediately.

It looks interesting for the most part, I'm just neither here or there with it.  I might watch it since nobody is really occupied with anything right now due to this lock down.  Plus I've always liked Jessica.

Directed by Brandon Margolis and Brandon Sonnier and starring Gabriel Union, Jessica Alba, Duane Martin, Zach Gilford, Ryan McPartlin, Sophie Reynolds, Ernie Hudson


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