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(trailer review) - LA's Finest: Season 2

First of all, I thought this was cancelled!  Secondly, I thought it was trash, so it got cancelled! Thirdly, I never watched it personally, but when I heard of a TV series which would be the spin-off of Bad Boys 2, I thought "seriously?" Sydney Burnett? Who cares?" But since it had been renewed for a season 2 and obviously, had to be fairly decent to get this far, it must have been somewhat successful or are Sony doing too much? What they should have done (unless I missed it), was mention Sydney's role in the LAPD in the 3rd Bad Boys movie as that is obviously a lost opportunity for the series and to the franchise.  Also, maybe a cameo from either Will or Martin, (Martin would be better), maybe a phone call or house visit, make it a little more inclusive.  Hopefully she turns up in the 4th Bad Boys should they do one.  I'm sure they will, it made money and they should capitalize immediately. It looks interesting for the most part, I'm just neither here

(film review) [STREAMING] - Extraction

There are stories in film which have been done over and over again.  One guy on a mission to save someone from the clutches of evil.  I mean, Mario has even done it to save Princess Toadstool and Princess Daisy from Bowser and King Kooper!  The point I'm making is, it is NOT new and to regurgitate something like this for people to watch and be fully invested in, you need to come with something different.  I mean Mario always had a different trick up his sleeve or in his or some kind of hat or raccoon tail.  Anyway, for an example of how this movie of an ex-soldier/marine/mercenary goes about taking this job to save this kid from the evil clutches of some guy and lead him to safety, handles the task in a very basic way, BUT John Wick style! Action, Action and ACTION! And if action is your thing, you will love this! Tyler (Chris Hemsworth) is an ex-marine with who is asked by a friend to extract a young child of a drug lord and lead him to safety as a rival gang wants to abduct h

(series review) [STREAMING] - Better Call Saul: Season 5

Where the hell do I start? First of all, I tried to start this show 4-5 years ago and I failed.  I tried again numerous times and kept failing.  Distractions. Falling asleep. Other shows. I need to get back to 'The Walking Dead' AND 'The Blacklist' but because I keep hearing of Better Call Saul and how good it is getting AND the fact that Breaking Bad had me clapping at the end in it's final season finale, I've forced myself to watch all 5 seasons of Better Call Saul.  It meant that a lot of the time I rewatched episodes due to falling asleep and losing my position in the narrative, but I've got to say, Better Call Saul is such an experience, you have to push yourself through it to understand how great it is. You see, with Breaking Bad, you are given a school teacher who is getting basic pay, but isn't enough to support his wife and family.  He gets into making drugs to turn a profit and then becomes a Drug Kingpin over time.  James McGill aka Sli

(trailer review) - Venom: Let There Be Carnage

This is just a Teaser! Usually they would drop a Trailer the very next day when they do something like this, so, I'm guessing one is coming real soon. In a bid not to do multiple posts on trailers because Hollywood like to drop 26 trailers before the movie is out and effectively, YOU'VE SEEN THE ENTIRE MOVIE! In Teaser trailers, I will add the follow up Trailer to the pre-existing post, then separated posts thereafter. This trailer though doesn't do enough for me.  I love the fact that the wording is red or has a red highlight to it, I love that! I also like the sub-text "Let There Be Carnage" as it states exactly what the film will be about...Carnage.  Hopefully this IS the name of the movie and what they will go with.  I think the only thing I feel is missing, is...what they should have done, had the word "Venom" Morph into an "Axe", "Knife" or "Blade" (of some kind) in which Carnage usually changes his appenda

(trailer review) - The Lovebirds

What is wild, is that THE WORLD has soooo much time, yet I'm still finding it hard to find the time to review things.  It's not like I don't want to but where is the time going? I'm catching up on soo many shows, starting new ones, it's all a mess.  My sleeping pattern is all over the place and this NEW normal is just not working for me currently.  But I'll tell you what is, although I have seen an earlier trailer before, THIS Trailer works! I'm going to definitely dedicate some time to watch this and review it promptly straight after as this film looks a little bit like some "mindless" fun trying to clear names and catch bad guys with a little love story involved AND it was making me laugh/chuckle.  Two people in a blossoming relationship where they are tested as they are now labelled murderers.  Maybe a lighter heart version of Queen and Slim? Maybe not actually, now  that I think about it.  Not even remotely the same.  I think I'll have

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