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(film review) - The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man I remember from back in the day was starring Chevy Chase and from what I remember, I loved it. Plus I did like Chevy back in the day so that may have helped.  The other Invisible Man film starring Kevin Bacon called 'Hollow Man', which was meant to be a lot more scarier, I never got to watch it for whatever reasons.  Maybe it just looked rubbish to me or I was just disinterested, but I will watch it at some point as I heard it is good.  This Invisible Man though, I really liked the look of it, so I had to see it...and you know what, it was really good.

From the outside, Cecilia (Elizabeth Moss) is in a great relationship with a very successful optics engineer in whom she claims to be in a violent, abusive and controlling relationship.  When she devises a plan to escape and finally does, she feels Adrian Griffin still has a hold on her and she doesn't feel safe.  She claims that he had stated, she could never get away from him and he would always find her.  While staying with her friend James () and having been told, Adrian is dead, Cecelia feels that Adrian, is
still near her, stalking her and watching her every move to a point where she paranoid and fearful.

First of all, the way they build suspense in this movie is great.  To a point where I felt the movie seemed as though it was dragging, but those quiet moments helped to build the suspense and for the most part, it was concerning, chilling and it also allowed the audience to over-think as to where this Invisible Man was in the frame and if he was even there.  Secondly, having watched the entire movie, I believe there could be a debate upon the ending and how everything pans out at the end.  Without going into spoilers, of course.

The movie is directed GREAT and I'll tell you this for free, there was a moment where a punch was involved and after I realised what happened, I. Couldn't. Stop. Laughing.  Another funny moment was part of a scene in the trailer involving a man getting shot in the leg.

Elizabeth Moss, well done! She was great and I loved her character as her character wasn't the typical woman in these scenarios.  She was strong though she was frightened.  She did was needed to be done.  Her co-stars had small moments and to be honest, although good, was just great for support.  The cinematography and the score AND soundtrack was superb.  I wanted to Shazam, a song at one moment or maybe 2.

It would be really interesting to see where they go with this as Jason Blum seems to be doing what he does best, making horror/scary movies for the price of a bus fare and reaping loads of money for it, and more power to him.
That "DARK UNIVERSE" they were trying to push on us with Tom Cruise, Russell Crow and Luke Evans, etc, where it was going to be the Marvel Cinematic Universe but with Monsters, face-planted badly.  And can you imagine the money they were going to spend on these actors and these stories along with the special effects!  I'm rooting for Jason Blum and his production team to get these films right and I do believe he can.

If you like these kind of films, I'd definitely recommend it.  I had no issues other than the thoughts on "movement".  But that is small and minor in comparison to other issues some films have.

Go watch it!!!


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