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(series review) [STREAMING] - Ozark: Season 3

So where do I start? Well, I was going to say that someone put me onto this show, so that was the reason why I watched it, but that would be telling a half truth.  What had actually happened was, I kept seeing Jason Bateman's face on Netflix.  It was obviously a new show they were promoting so you saw it at the top.  I tried to watch it once or twice but I was either not in the mood or it just wasn't grabbing me from the first 10 or so minutes.  The show is quiet, it's slow, it's dull and dreary looking like English weather, it just seemed like it wasn't going to be interesting although I was somewhat interested and I do like Jason Bateman.  A friend of mine THEN asked me if I had been watching and that they have and it is really good.  Because I obviously didn't give this show a chance or much time for me to get into it, I thought I would now, since I got a recommendation, but because I was remotely interested anyway and had already tried and actually wanted

(trailer review) - Defending Jacob

We are currently living in a time where cinema's are closed and there is a global pandemic called CoVid19 (Corona Virus) that attacks the respiratory systems and kills you.  We are encouraged to stay in and either work from home or effectively you have lost your job until the world is free from the pandemic.  You are encouraged to go outside for small essential grocery shopping or an exercise and to keep 6 feet apart from another person, but that is it.  Gyms, restaurants, anything that can congregate more than 2 people is closed due to high risk and this pandemic is taking lives and livelihoods.  So in this bleak time, all we have is our mobile phones, internet and streaming services. I say that, to say this, I am most likely going to get more streaming reviews on here as the days go on and I will be getting increasingly more intrigued and/or excited with what is to come.  I hope you all stay safe out there and be responsible. For perfect example of responsibility, Chris Ev

(film review) [STREAMING] - Spencer Confidential

First of all, from the trailer, I was already sold on this movie, but having watched the movie, finally over 3 days because I  got distracted or fell asleep, I'm glad to say, I enjoyed it, BUT it could have been better. Having started to watch this movie, I was definitely getting vibes of 'The Other Guys'.  Because The Other Guys is a comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and THIS is a comedy starring Mark Wahlberg and both characters are Police Officers, I think my mind may have wanted MORE The Other Guys kind of humour, so with the movie NOT having that, it deflated the movie a little for me.  But obviously, that is a personal thought as well as a personal choice. Disgraced Spencer (Mark Wahlberg) is a former cop who beats up a fellow Police Officer and ends up doing time in prison.  Upon release, he is met with Henry (Alan Arkin) who takes him home only to find Spencer is now room-mates with Hawk (Winston Duke).  But, when Police Officers start to die not even 48hrs of his

(trailer review) - Jungle Cruise

(Official Trailer) ( First Look Trailer ) It's funny, when I wrote my review of the first trailer, I said a number of things which were my first initial thoughts.  Watching this trailer, I found it interesting that although I didn't think "How many movies will Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson be apart of with the word 'Jungle' in it?" Or "How many movies a year? 28? Whilst working on 35?" This guy stays working and I don't think I've see a bad Dwayne Johnson performance!  The ratio probably balances our more IN his favour and considering he oozes charm, Dwayne is essentially a superstar and there is not many of them about. These days people go for the Director than the actor so with Jaume Collet-Serra, someone I am not that familiar with although I did watch The Orphan back in the day, it would be interesting to see how he pulls off this theme park ride. For the most part this is looking decent but I think I for the most part I'm mo

(film review) - The Invisible Man

The Invisible Man I remember from back in the day was starring Chevy Chase and from what I remember, I loved it. Plus I did like Chevy back in the day so that may have helped.  The other Invisible Man film starring Kevin Bacon called 'Hollow Man', which was meant to be a lot more scarier, I never got to watch it for whatever reasons.  Maybe it just looked rubbish to me or I was just disinterested, but I will watch it at some point as I heard it is good.  This Invisible Man though, I really liked the look of it, so I had to see it...and you know what, it was really good. From the outside, Cecilia (Elizabeth Moss) is in a great relationship with a very successful optics engineer in whom she claims to be in a violent, abusive and controlling relationship.  When she devises a plan to escape and finally does, she feels Adrian Griffin still has a hold on her and she doesn't feel safe.  She claims that he had stated, she could never get away from him and he would always find h

(trailer review) - Black Widow

(Final Trailer) ( Big Game Spot Trailer ) ( Original Trailer ) I don't plan on making this a THING!  Where I review every trailer that comes out for a movie.  1. That is insane and 2. I simply just won't have the time.  Besides, who wants to read me saying "as it brings that same Captain America: The Winter Soldier energy, then I'm all for it"...for possibly the third time.  I know by now, you totally overstand where I stand on this movie by this point.  However, they have UPPED the trailer, AGAIN!!! One might state this trailer is simply unnecessary and for the most part, I do believe they are showing a lot of the movie especially the end set of sequences, but guess what? I. Don't. Care.  At this point...*throws money at Disney* "TAKE MY MONEY!!!" As this looks great! The last trailer brought more characters, more scenes, more action and more of Taskmaster, but this time we got even more character development, more intimate scenes and

(trailer review) - Artemis Fowl

To be honest, I'm just not sure about this movie.  Men in Black mixed with Harry Potter? And while Colin Farrell is a fine actor, one I recently saw in Guy Ritchie's 'The Gentleman' and loved it and him in it, this movie seems to be heavily focused on his character's son who, well...comes across as wooden, I think.  There is something about this trailer that screams fun, but at the same time still comes across as boring and lacking.  Maybe the movie is just not for me or I'm just disinterested in it from this trailer.  Artemis Fowl's line delivery (or maybe it's the script) is dead.  And although I'm not overly fussed about Harry Potter or Men In Black, I do like a Sci-Fi fantasy.  Maybe another trailer may sell me on it. Directed by Kenneth Branagh and starring Ferdia Shaw, Lara McDonnell, Josh Gad, Tamara Smart, Nonso Anozie, Colin Farrell, Judi Dench

(trailer review) - Ozark: Season 3

I cannot remember WHO told me to watch this show, but damn, I'm glad that I did. For any of you that may have watched Breaking Bad, Ozark reminds me of that but darker and less science, bitch (if you get the reference).  For a little synopsis on the story soo far, Marty is a family man who works in finance, but when Marty falls into the pocket of the Columbian Cartel, owing them a great amount of money, Marty must take his family to the Ozarks where he must find a way to make that money back with interest or the Cartel will kill him and his family.  To top it off, things don't go as swimmingly as he would have thought once he arrives with problems arising day by day. Phenomenal show.  The way the show has gripped me, has me watching this trailer with glee.  Nice to see Tommy has moved to the Ozarks (shared and now that they have the Casino, you just know (and from the trailer), that it is about to go down.  If you re not least watching it, get on it.

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