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(series review) [STREAMING] - Titans: Season 2

It took me a little while to start watching Season 1 of Titans, because I felt it wasn't really for me.  Like most comic book TV shows and films, I never read the comics and I never watched the cartoons.  Plus I never understood (once told) Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke would be an' antagonist especially when I know he is a Batman Villian.  I simply never cared for the show.

When I got into the show, I really enjoyed it.  Season 1 of Titans was more about the coming together of Raven, Dick and Kory.  And to my dismay, I loved it.  I really wasn't expecting what I got, but coming from producer Greg Berlanti, I was not surprised although it is different from his other shows, Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, Supergirl and Black Lightning.

Dick Grayson aka Robin is trying to come out of the shadows of Batman and be his own person.  He holds resentment towards him.  He finds out there is a new Robin so now he must be something else, if he wants to continue.  Kory has amnesia and doesn't know who she is and Raven is somewhat possessed and feels only Dick can save her.  Not to mention character arch's with Hawk and Dove and the introduction to Doom Patrol.

Season 2 picks up where season 1 left off.  Trigon is here and the possession Raven had been struggling with is addressed along with her destiny.  We continue with Dick's struggle with being a new person and the many secrets he holds in order to keep everyone safe and bring them together for the greater good.  We delve much deeper into the past of the Titans and their struggles especially when, thought to be dead, Deathstroke arrives to settle scores.

Everyone has a little story, Kory, being an alien Queen, Beast Boy trying to be important and helpful, especially when they all discover Connor Kent and his abilities, not to mention Rose Wilson and her dramas.  It is a lot to deal with for these heroes and we see how they struggle with their own personal problems and their conflict between each other but in the end come together despite loss and/or resentment.

This season is all over the place but it does a good job with highlighting episodes which are specifically about a singular character as it helps flesh out any ongoing story they have. The only problem I had with the show, was towards the end, it felt a little rushed.  I felt the final battle could have went better than it did and certain things that happened didn't need to.  It also seemed like particular characters were not on set the entire time as if they did reshoots or something, one minute you see someone, the next, you don't, then they are there again.

All the characters and their development was great, not a single problem.  All the scenes with Deathstroke were excellent and reminded me of watching Arrow.  There was a scene with Conner Kent in a farm house with a Swat team which was excellent.  The special effects were brilliant for a TV show and I especially loved the flashback scene's and the "in the psyche" of Dick.  The story was put together well but you can tell, the structure and unanswered questions lends itself to future seasons to address other questions and stroy.  If you have seen season 2 and enjoyed it and this is your kind of thing, I'd definitely recommend it.  It is nothing like the Arrowverse as it is more mature.  Just a heads up.


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