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(trailer review) - Fast & Furious 9

(Full Trailer) ( Teaser Trailer ) "My ass is in fuego!" Had to be the funniest line in the trailer and I don't even know what it means. I mean, ok, they don't seem to be going to space like everyone thought, but what did they NOT put in this trailer! Because the entire Movie is in this trailer, EVERY action set-piece, the music changed 3 times, someone "catches" a car! At some stage, Dom needs to say to someone, "I'm just a Mechanic" like Steven Seagall in Under Siege.  We understand the films get more rediculous as they go on, but...I...I don't know.  Have they taken it too far now? Although I'm sure many of you wanted to see how they get into space...but Dom is JUST a Mechanic, albeit, with skills in practically anything and everything. *** #Spoilers *** but they bring back supposedly dead people, stealth planes are picking up cars mid-air with magnatism, cars are getting attached to cords strong enough to hold a moving car

(trailer review) - Fast & Furious 9

Can you believe we are on a Fast & Furious 9? Like, only last month we had a Star Wars 9 and that took how many years ? And the F&F franchise  did it in less for obvious reasons and for the most part, has been getting better and better as the years goes on as it has firmly cemented itself as an over the top, brash series centered around family with fast cars, "racing" and beists and  it does exactly what it says on the rin....and well.  They even had a spin-off which was just as good. This trailer (more of a teaser clip) is more or less an announcement for the trailer and I'm already interested. Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) now has a family, a little boy named Brian after his late best Friend, used to be cop and antagonist.  There is a passing of a Cross necklace and the worlds "...for protection for what's to come" (not verbatim). Who says that to a child? Absurdity will definitely endue in the most fun get ridiculous way when this film comes

(film review) - Bad Boys for Life

I've dumped on Michael Bay a few times and it isn't that he is a terrible director because I absolutely loved Pain & Gain, but he often drowns the audience in loud brash sights & sounds.  Don't get me wrong, when it's necessary, it works, but for the most part, it doesn't.  It's dated and he really does need to up his game when it comes to the action shots and story because he is a very competent director.  Nobody wants to see a fire hydrant blow up in huge flames when a dog pisses on it.  Pretty much his style of action, because it "looks cool".  And some of his "Comedy" is questionable, not to mention the stereotypes he sometimes portray in some of his movies, i.e The Transformers franchise.  Moving forward, the irony of watching THIS movie which was NOT directed by Michael Bay like the first two, is that Michael Bay could actually learn from these directors Adil and Bilall because I believe they did an excellent job of directit a

(trailer review) - Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Season 7

A Friend was telling me about The Clone Wars cartoon for a while and even stated how good it was.  I am a Star Wars fan, as well as Star Trek, but for me I like them both for very different reasons.  Star Trek, the ships and tech, Star Wars for the ships and story.  With both, but more Star Wars, I like to go deep with the lore, so watching The Clone Wars was great. I only jumped in from around season 4 (I think), but the shows got better and better until they were cancelled a few years back.  But this last and final season, season 7 looks great!  The only problem with this trailer is, some of the well know characters we have been following in other shows since season 6 will not hold much weight, but with that said, the animation looks amazing and to hear that they will be covering 'Order 66', I am, down!!!  I'm here for Ahsoka, really. It's a pity Disney+ is talking FOREVER to come out in the UK!!! Directed by Dave Feloni

(film review) - Just Mercy

I didn't know anything about this movie or the true story this movie was based upon.  Thinking about it now, maybe I heard about a passion project Michael B. Jordan was interested in and was producing, but for the most part I either forgot or I just never knew.  This film carries soo much weight and off the back of Oscar Winning actors like Brie Larson and Jamie Foxx, Michael B. Jordan stood on the shoulders of giants and held his own.  I'll explain. The year is 1989 and Harvard law graduate Bryan Stevenson (Michael B. Jordan) sets out to help fight for poor people who cannot afford legal representation.  He travels to Alabama and focuses on Deathrow inmates in which he meets Walter "Johnny D" McMillian, (Jamie Foxx) a man convicted of the murder of Ronda Morrison 3 years prior.  Noticing the inconsistencies among other  problems with Walter's case, Bryan gets a team together including Eva Ansley (Brie Larson) to fight for Walter only to be met by barriers, bl

(trailer review) - Spenser Confidential

Well this was a surprise to me!  I didn't know Mark Wahlberg was going to be in a new movie.  Moreover, I didn't know Mark Wahlberg was going to be in a new movie with Winston Duke, famously known for playing M'Baku in Marvel's Black Panther and Abraham in Jordan Peele's 'US' with Lupita N'ongo.  it's fair to say that i haven't kept up with how active these two have been of recent, more Winston, but this has been a nice little shock. This movie looks really good or at least it has peaked my interests.  It reminds me of 'The Other Guys' a little bit for some reason, maybe Mark's character and although I love that film, this one may have some greater and better moments with swapping the major comedy elements out for the fighting and action with comedy sprinkled throughout. A cop framed by crooked crops seeking to clear his name and is out for justice. We have seen thay hundreds of times, but they didn't have Winston Duke in t

(series review) [STREAMING] - Titans: Season 2

It took me a little while to start watching Season 1 of Titans, because I felt it wasn't really for me.  Like most comic book TV shows and films, I never read the comics and I never watched the cartoons.  Plus I never understood (once told) Slade Wilson aka Deathstroke would be an' antagonist especially when I know he is a Batman Villian.  I simply never cared for the show. When I got into the show, I really enjoyed it.  Season 1 of Titans was more about the coming together of Raven, Dick and Kory.  And to my dismay, I loved it.  I really wasn't expecting what I got, but coming from producer Greg Berlanti, I was not surprised although it is different from his other shows, Arrow, Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Batwoman, Supergirl and Black Lightning. Dick Grayson aka Robin is trying to come out of the shadows of Batman and be his own person.  He holds resentment towards him.  He finds out there is a new Robin so now he must be something else, if he wants to continu

(trailer review) - Bloodshot

(International Trailer) ( Official Trailer ) So, they have dropped another trailer for Bloodshot and I'm honestly wondering if anyone really cares.  The movie is due out in March and we are coming into mid-january and I'm wondering, "is Sony shooting themselves in the foot?" I mean, I am sure they are on a Hugh from releasing the Morbius trailer yesterday, but for releasing this Internaitional trailer now?  To be fair, it's not too early for another trailer but Vin Diesel isn't really a bankable star, unfortunately, or at least, doesn't seem to be. Stating this is a comicbook movie in the trailer COULD push the movie and propel it higher, but at this rate and from what I believe, people just want good movies with a good enough of great story behind it. A few news shots in this Internaitional trailer and A LOT of Wolvering/Ironman nanobots self healing shown.  Another pairticular shot that stood out to me was the motorbike scene (because there is a

(trailer review) - Morbius

First of all, the trailer looks decent. Secondly, the trailer annoys me. Thirdly, I like what they did there. Fourthly, Hmmm... So, I'm liking the look of the trailer.  I like some of the cinematic screenshots they went for, like the close to the floor shot with the person running, with the angle upside-down, loved it.  I liked the Vampirisms to the character as well.  However, What is with the cutting of the hand and a bat biting you?  I need to watch the 1990's cartoon again and I completely understand it does not NEED to follow the cartoon beat-for-beat, but my understanding is a scientific experiment (like all or most of Spider-man's villians) gone wrong.  Hey needs Plana, to lived and not blood, they need to explain this.  This Nightcrawler, teleporting stuff, ummm...ummm.... But for the most part, as long as he reflects Michael Morbius the Living Vampire, I'm good.  Also, that Spider-man, graffiti and Adrian Toombs, *nods head in approval* I like. Dire

(trailer review) - Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)

Sometimes I feel that Warner Bros should just give up as they clearly don't have a clue as to what they are doing and nobody really cares for them, but then, they have had a few decent movies, so one might think, "hmmm, maybe they do", because you forced to believe everything will be ok with a few decent trailers. Essentially this is a Bird's of Prey movie, but will be told from the eyes of Harley Quinn, who I'm guessing, isn't apart of the Birds of Prey team in the comics, but because she was well received in Suicide Squad, is the reason as to why she is being used to help sell the movies. On top of that, the world she is playing in, is now defunct, no?  No Batman or Superman, but we have a Shazam and soon a Black Adam? It's all confusing.  I'll see it when it comes out, we shall see in time what WB are doing. Directed By Cathy Yan and starring Margot Robbie, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jurnee Smollett-Bell, Rosie Perez, Chris Messina, Ella J

(film review) - The Gentlemen

Guy Ritchie has always been one of my favourite directors. Not because he is British, but because his films are intelligent, fun and pack enough elements to make for an interesting movie.  Unfortunately, I do feel that Guy has taken a departure from what he became famous for.  Films like 'Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels' and 'Snatch' are seen as his greatest work.  He did 'Revolver' and 'Rock n Rolla' and those didn't come as close to the brilliance of Snatch and Lock Stock, but Rock n Rolla' was really good when compared to Revolver.  Guy also did a bunch of other films but other than, 'Man From UNCLE' and the Sherlock Holmes series, people including myself wondered if Guy still had it.  Aladdin was good.  Aladdin made over a billion, but Aladdin ISN'T Guy Ritchie.  So, what about this new movie called 'The Gentlemen' which looks like it could deliver to us the Guy Ritchie from Lock Stock, Snatch fame?  Is this the retur

(trailer review) - New Mutants

So they have finally released another trailer for New Mutants.  I was slightly interested when they mentioned it God knows how many years back, but when I saw the trailer, I wasn't moved.  This new trailer though, has my interest peaked.  Let's just hope that however this is put out to us movie viewers, streaming or cinema, I do hope it is a great deal better than X-Men: Dark Phoenix because that was pretty trash and this horror look is a good look indeed. I wonder if they will keep this and the actors going forward for the MCU. Directed by Josh Boone and starring Anya Taylor-Joy, Maisie Williams, Charlie Heaton, Henry Zaga, Blu Hunt and Alice Braga

(trailer review) - A Quiet Place: Part II

(Official Trailer) ( Teaser Trailer ) A few weeks back, they dropped a teaser trailer for this movie and I loved it.  It didn't show much other than letting the audience know, we are moving seat from the farm house. This trailer is great.  There seems to be some flashbacks as we start the trailer with Emily Blunt driving.  Knowing what we know of these creatures, they are attracted to sound, so driving would be a huge mistake.  The trailer then shows our family trying to navigate without makking a sound until they trip on a trip wire and are required to run for survival. From what I can tell from this trailer, the movie seems to be very The Walking Dead esk and it doesn't seem you can trust anyone as it ends with "There are people out there worth saving", "The people that are left, are not the Kond of people worth saving". I. Cant. Wait. Yes. Please. And. Thanks. Directed  by John Krasinski and starring Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Ju

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