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(film review) - Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker


Star Wars is special to different people at different times from when they first experienced it.  Star Wars has also played an integral part in the lives of many and a lot of people globally want and desire many different things from what they will call "their" Star Wars.  Those in their mid to late 30s into their 50s will want one thing based on the Original Trilogy and those younger than 30, such as 20s onwards, are likely to expect or want something different.
Me on the other hand, give me some Lightsabre battles, give me some dog fights, give me someone evil and I'm good. Show me some Force moves and I'm delighted.  I come in the range of the mid-thirties (only just) and although I've seen every Star Wars movie, watch the animated shows and am currently watch 'The Mandelorian' (shhhh...don't tell any body!), I wouldn't classify myself as a Die Hard fan, but I do love me some Star Wars.
What I will say though, I think over the years, this recent trilogy (known as the Disney Trilogy, I guess), was never going to please everyone throughout the many generations that Star Wars has touched.  Also, it would be telling to find out what those who disliked 'The Last Jedi' ultimately thought of this movie because everyone everywhere is saying, if you liked that, then you will hate this.  But my understanding is, those who hated that, said it didn't feel like Star Wars.  This movie couldn't be any more safe AND Star Wars that it is unapologetically Star Wars and people, still dislike it.  As I think about it, those who hated the last one should love this one, but I don't think anything is ultimately terrible with it.  I'll get into it.

After the events of 'The Last Jedi', Rey (Daisy Ridley) is off learning from the Book of the Wills and Kylo Ren is seeking the believed to be dead Palpatine to finally end him and become the ruler of the galaxy and leader of the Darkside and Sith.  However, due to Palpatine's message, our heroes Po (Oscar Isaac), Finn (John Boyega), Chewbacca and BB-8 along with Rey are on a scavenger quest to hopefully stop Palpatine and Kylo Ren and any other galaxy conquering plans they have in store using as much of any rebel forces they can gather to their aid.

I saw this as soon as I could as a lot of sites I frequent, cover Star Wars, which was making it impossible for me to navigate.  Star Wars is everywhere and a lot of people have a lot to say.  JJ Abrams had an impossible job with the passing of Carrie Fisher and "impossible" job of finishing what he started with 'The Force Awakens' because the "middle" movie 'The Last Jedi' changed the direction of the storyline somewhat.  Some may argue that there was no structure before they even started renewing the franchise and although that might be so, I still enjoyed this movie with the efforts made.  It's not terrible, it's good but I understand the frustration from fans are the no clear or lack of direction making the 2 directors work harder than they should have and having a mish-mash of a trilogy.  And without going into spoilers, it did what I needed it to do to tell a semi-cohesive story and have fun with it.  JJ kept a lot of the risks Rian took and used them in clever ways.  The strongest elements of the movie were both Rey and Kylo Ren.  There were some added characters that we could have done without, but at the same time, regarding the final act, I see why.

This is a Star Wars movie, so everything about it is excellent. Sound, visuals, acting, set-pieces, vehicles, imagery, battles, but the story could have been executed a touch better.  However, I find that we the audience want everything explained and then when we do get things explained, there is too much exposition.  Maybe it is the wrong things being explained, but I had no issue with how Palpatine was still alive or how he did what he did, we saw his cunning in the prequel trilogy, so....Palpatine innit!

There are a few very minor things I didn't like in the movie and a few things I sensed/guessed was going to happen anyway as they were practically telegraphed and one scene/shot/moment they carried out and went through with which could have been left on the cutting room floor, but other than that, there were a few things that gave me the chills and things I really liked from the movie.  Palpatine's laugh fills me with joy every single time.  The slight lineage twist, I thought was great although not really needed but it even plays into previous movies and was accented.  However, the great thing is, I went in listening and reading non-spoiler reviews, went in with an open mind and I enjoyed it for what it was despite the flaws.  Maybe you should also go in with an open mind not expecting anything as you might also just like it.


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