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(trailer review) - Sonic the Hedgehog

So, Hollywood decided on making a film about Sonic the Hedgehog, a computer game from the 90's available on the Sega console systems such as the Master System and the Mega-Drive.  Sonic was soo popular that he also had his own TV series, so I'm guessing, to rejuvenate this character and the franchise beyond gaming, (because they still make Sonic games), they decided to do this film and try and reap the benefits.

The first hurdle and problem was in the first trailer for this movie as it looked terrible.  Sonic looked terrible, Jim Carrey didn't look that great or Iconic and the acting...well, it's a kids movie aimed at kids.  I am glad they listened to the fans and have redesigned Sonic to change his look to the more known and classic look and it looks great.  A much more accurate depiction.  I think where the film falls down (in the trailer at least and not including the acting from Jim Carrey and/or dialogue) is at the beginning, we see Sonic's world.  It looks GREAT! But he is in our world....Booooo!!!!  Let Dr. Robotnik finds his way into Sonic's world and have him do what he does best in there.  It just reminds me of the movie, Bumblebee, the first 5-10 minutes was excellent, Cybertron, then that was it.  It should have been the entire movie.  Should have been called Transformers: Bumblebee also, but at least this one is called Sonic the Hedgehog instead of Blue Speedster.  Let's just hope it does well, as we need more computer game movies and them done right.

I doubt I'd see this as it doesn't really interest me personally, but maybe some more trailers may convince me.  Bottom line. not really my thing.

Directed by Jeff Fowler and starring James Marsden and Jim Carrey


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