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(trailer review) - Color Out of Space

Now this looks intriguing.  Say what you will about Nicholas Cage but he is a pretty decent actor and he is always in a movie.  It's something like a minimum of 4 movies a year.  8 Movies last year, 6 movies this year and as it currently stands, 5 movies next year, he is working HARD!  Though some of these are likely to be direct to DVD, small releases or what-have-you, some of his movies really stand out from the crowd such as Mandy which got a lot of praise.

This film is from the producers of Mandy and strikes me as an modern day B-Movie.  It would be interesting to see what the audience thinks once they have seen this as people could have fun with it. I'm neither here or there with it but as I said, intriguing and the film might actually be good.

Directed by Richard Stanley and starring Nicolas Cage


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