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(trailer review) - 6 Underground

Ugh, Michael Bay.  As annoying as Michael Bay's directing can be at times, the super slow-mo, small bonsai trees spontaneously blowing up in huge explosions to eclipse mountains, the pan-around shot around a character and in some cases, just dead dialogue; upon hearing about this movie for Netflix on a Netflix Budget (new lingo - Netflix Budget), I immediately rolled my eyes because, well I didn't care for it at all.  I like Ryan Reynolds and I loved Pain & Gain and the first Transformers Movie which was good-ish, but the rest got borderline racist among other types of nonsense.  And although the Transformers franchise made money, they were for the most part, simply piss-poor.  A far cry from Bumblebee (not directed by him), Bad Boys & The Rock.  And now it looks like Bad Boys 3 will be in the same vain as Bad Boys 2 than 1 and that's likely because of him, so I hope this new set of directors surprise me.

This trailer though, I'm not going to lie, tickled my fancy.  And although THERE IS a SLOW- MOTION PAN AROUND A CHARACTER shot, I did actually like the trailer a little.  Just a little.  I mean, it looks stylish (as usual).  The scenery looks beautiful and there are some excellently breath-taking shots and we have Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds is a WIN!!!  Plus, a Special Ops team who are literally the walking dead.  So, I'm hoping for the best really.  In Michael Bay we don't trust, but we hope.

Directed by Michael Bay and Starring Ryan Reynolds, Mélanie Laurent, Manuel Garcia-Rulfo, Peyman Maadi, Adria Arjona & Corey Hawkins,


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