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(series review) [STREAMING] - Living with Yourself

I can't say I've seen a lot of Paul Rudd movies or shows, but I do recognise him from films such as, Anchor Man...... And he is s very likeable guy.  I wasn't bothered that they brought him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe at all and he plays Scott Lang well.  The thing I like about him the most after discovering it, is that he has been trolling Conan O'Brian (the talk show guy) for years and there is a 6 and a half minute clip on YouTube that just gets funnier and funnier.  So, knowing Paul as a funny guy, I thought a series with him in it would be equally the same.

Living with Yourself is a funny and bizarre show about a man, Miles (Paul Rudd) who is essentially up to his eyeballs in work, his marriage with Kate (Aisling Bea) seems to be breaking down due to various reasons, so he treats himself to a spa make-over to hopefully come out brand new, refreshed and full of a different type of energy and hopefully can navigate through life better with a different and more positive outlook on life (well maybe not all that but, come out feeling better, you know).  However, the desired effects are not what happens as he is cloned.

The show has an interesting way of telling the story from different perspectives and gives you insight on the behaviours of Miles and his clone.  The interactions are funny especially as Paul Rudd's mannerisms are great playing both characters.  What is also great is due to these perspectives, it enables the viewer to relate to these different characters for different reasons and see what motivates them or life from their point of view.  I mean we can all relate to wanting to have more of yourself to do more things at the same time, like "two heads are better than one", kinda….or is that just me?

There isn't much twists or turns in this show and because the show is only 25-30 minutes, the cliff-hangers made me wonder what was going to happen next and if there were any other twists.  I was thinking in between shows (the Netflix 15 second intervals), "did he do this or did she do that?", "what happens when?".  I was very curious and intrigued by the sheer plot of it all because there are points where you don't have a clue what is going on and whom is doing what and why.

This show might not appease everyone as it's not hilariously funny all the time, as there are small moments and bigger ones, but not necessarily a wet your pants, funny moments, but Paul Rudd definitely sales it.  It is fun, grounded and very clever.  And as this is a series and is cheaply made, I felt like the two Paul Rudd's were better than the two Will Smiths, unfortunately. His wife Kate (Aisling Bea) is also great in the show but the show is more about Miles and his clone and how they deal with things, not to say she is a side character but her role isn't as big as his although she does have an episode centred around her which was great.

What I will say is, how the series ended was just the biggest non-cliff-hanger, cliff-hanger I've seen in a TV history.  It's not a cliff-hanger because well, that's it, right? That's how it ended.  But then it is a cliff-hanger because, surely, is THAT IT!?  It's hard to explain as the show is bizarre enough to take you on this ride in the first place only to end in such a way that leaves you either wanting more or you've definitely seen enough and don't want to see anymore.  However, I want to see if there will be a second season.  I mean, I thought about cloning myself afterwards.


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