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(film review) - Blue Story

Since getting older, I've not listen to what they call Grime Music from when they started to call it Grime Music.  I hadn't recognised or realised the genre had "evolved".  It used to be Garage which derived from House & Garage and I enjoyed them both, a lot.  I was fine with that specific name for that specific genre of music.  The moment "they" were calling the scene "Urban" and then Grime came into the fold, I felt there was a narrative being forced upon us and I was out.  What happened to calling UK Rap, UK Rap?  There has been a few UK Rappers back in the day, so are we now calling their music Grime, because Grime is UK Rap?  Maybe I'm misunderstanding it all. So, the majority of these people, like a Santan Dave, Rapman and such, I never knew of them as they were becoming rising stars.  I knew a Kano, Dizzee Rascal, Sway, Wiley and Chipmunk, but I never knew who Shiro was or his story.  Not to say I dislike the scene or culture, but

(film review) - Knives Out

Rian Johnson is a director I got to know about when I watched a film starring one of my favourite actors, Bruce Willis.  The film was called 'Looper' and it involved a hitman or executioner (called a Looper) who kill those who have committed crimes in the future who have been sent back through time to the hitman as the disposing of bodies in the future is difficult.  However, when said hitman's future self is sent back - PROBLEMS.  Loved the story and the intricacies in that movie as it was intriguing and I was starting to like Joseph Gordon-Levitt, especially as I loved Inception and liked The Dark Knight Rises.  Also, Emily Blunt can do no wrong. The Last Jedi, I loved.  I don't say much about it as there are soo much conflicting thoughts on what is good and what is bad about it, but I thought it was clever.  I mean it felt like Star Wars to me.  Rian doesn't hold back on the War aspect of the movie and does get a touch political.  The Canto Bight section was b

(trailer review) - Call of the Wild

Everything is an animation. Well at least I think so with this one. This is most likely not going to be a film which is for me at all.  I love me some Harrison Ford as he is some of my childhood greats, such as Indian Jones and Han Solo, but I can't say that this will be a film for me.  Plus I'm not sure if this is the right fit for me, well for what I see Harrison doing anyway. A dog called Buck in which eventually befriends him? And the dog has all these abilities and can do everything? Maybe I don't get it because I'm not a dog owner or lover, but I'm also confused to if this is a full CGI dog or has CGI elements such as some movement and facial expressions.  I was perplexed watching the trailer trying to rack my head around it all.  Having watched it 3 times though, I'm going to go with FULL CGI, due to the stillness of the dog at times - Uncanny Valley territory .  I mean, it is a Disney Movie, so it should have some fun capers and heart to it. Dire

(trailer review) - Cats

I remember seeing the first trailer of this and thinking, "Errrr, OK!?!" I also thought that there is a lot of named talent in this movie too.  Of course I smiled when I saw a person of colour like Idris and Jennifer, but I also smiled when I saw the names of greats such as Sir Ian McKellen and Dame Judy Dench.  But looking at the trailer simply had me intrigued.   This trailer does nothing more but add to the intrigue and also puzzle me like the first trailer did. I mean what is this movie about?  I never saw the theatre production and I think, from what I've heard or understand, it is a bunch of stray cats, living a cats life.  I mean, it's not Top Cat or Heathcliff, cats in which I'm familiar with, just a bunch of sing-song stray cats.  The entire premise is weird and it looks weird and I can't say I'm bought into this, people in costumes doing cat-like things with cat-like mannerisms and I'm not sure what to make of it if I'm honest.  So wi

(film review) - Doctor Sleep

A very different film to The Shining, a film in which is the prequel to Doctor Sleep.  My concern is, there are those who watched and read The Shining movie and book, respectively, but had NO idea there was a sequel in movie or book called Doctor Sleep.  It would have been a great advantage if the producers didn't lean soo heavily on the fans of The Shining and expect them to automatically know what Doctor Sleep was, film or book.  You could argue and say, "Well if they were a fan of The Shining, then they would know about the book", and the answer to that is, "No, they actually might not know, so, it's better if you make them aware anyway".  I mean, they advertise Christmas in September, you can't advertise this film as The Shining Sequel?  Maybe calling the movie, 'The Shining 2: Doctor Sleep' would have worked better, like 'Transformers: Bumblebee' would have worked better for that Franchise, so on and so forth. Anyway, I watched T

(trailer review) - The Irishman

When I first heard this announced, it was mentioned that these three actors have NEVER been in a movie together.  So as these three actors are known in Hollywood as great actors of our time, to be in a movie, finally and altogether, it is believed that this would end up being a great movie.  However, using some De-Aging techniques which they have done with a few films of late, the Marvel Cinematic Universe and Gemini Man (although this was different), this film is promised to be a story that spans decades and with these three actors and a director like Martin, we can only wait and see. A mob/gangster movie spanning decades of the life of Robert DeNiro and his relationship with Al Pacino and Joe Pesci.  I'll watch. Directed by Martin Scorsese and starring Robert DeNiro, Joe Pesci, Al Pacino and Harvey Keitel.

(trailer review) - SpongeBob: Sponge on the Run

I've never been a SpongeBob fan so I never got the appeal.  It's the same with Dragonball Z, I just never got into it or got the appeal, so watching this trailer, kids or not, just didn't appeal to me. When he falls into the water and soaks it up and inflates, that made me burst out laughing and the part where they get to the "Vegas" place and are bedazzled by all it's wonder, made me smile, but other than that, maybe a newer and better trailer, maybe, just maybe I'll be more interested.  But as it stands I could care less. Directed by Tim Hill with voice acting by Tom Kenny.

(film review) - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

I finally got to clap eyes on this movie strangely enough, as it did leave the cinema.  However, this one was re-released with additional footage and although I didn't see the original release, I was still happy to bask in the genious that is a 'Tarantino Movie" again, hoping this one to be as good as others he has directed. The Hateful Eight was good, but just that.  I didn't leave the cinema wow'ed unlike Django Unchained, Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2, Jackie Brown, Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs.  Granted, I didn't see a few of his earlier ones in the cinema and had a coughing fit during Inglorious Basterds and all now, I still haven't seen it.  But as for this movie, hmmm, it was very Tarantino.   Let me explain. Rick Dalton (Leonardo DiCaprio) is a actor now past his "prime" having done acting jobs after acting jobs but not receiving the recognition he believe he deserves and finding it difficult to navigate the changing film industry.  Alo

(trailer review) - The Way Back

Depression in men is a real thing.  Alcoholism is a real thing.  Hardship is a real thing.  Escapism is a real thing.  All these things need to be addressed properly in life and the things we men use as escapism aren't always the best things for our physical and mental health, especially if we aren't all there mentally because we have been trying to fight or put aside what has been bothering us for years.  Ownership of our demons are healthy for healing. I've watched this trailer 3 times and all 3 times has brought me very close to tears.  This trailer is a masterpiece.  It shows you a broken man.  For whatever reasons is an alcoholic and is very down on his luck and it seems the only joy he seems to get, is helping these young kids in coaching them through Basketball, but his demons are ever persistent. Say what you will about Ben Affleck as a lot of people just don't like him.  I never used to, to be honest, kinda like Leonardo DiCaprio, but after watching '

(trailer review) - 6 Underground

Ugh, Michael Bay.  As annoying as Michael Bay's directing can be at times, the super slow-mo, small bonsai trees spontaneously blowing up in huge explosions to eclipse mountains, the pan-around shot around a character and in some cases, just dead dialogue; upon hearing about this movie for Netflix on a Netflix Budget (new lingo - Netflix Budget), I immediately rolled my eyes because, well I didn't care for it at all.  I like Ryan Reynolds and I loved Pain & Gain and the first Transformers Movie which was good-ish, but the rest got borderline racist among other types of nonsense.  And although the Transformers franchise made money, they were for the most part, simply piss-poor.  A far cry from Bumblebee (not directed by him), Bad Boys & The Rock.  And now it looks like Bad Boys 3 will be in the same vain as Bad Boys 2 than 1 and that's likely because of him, so I hope this new set of directors surprise me. This trailer though, I'm not going to lie, tickled m

(trailer review) - Fantasy Island

You see, I remember the name but I can't say I remember the show of the same name.  Must be one of those things where you hear of the name a lot but have no idea what it is.  With that said and when I did a little research on it, I remembered the little guy named Tattoo and recognise the main dude.  I think the little guy was in a James Bond film with, Roger Moore? Anyway, from looks of the trailer, this looks like a spooky yet freaky horror movie that obviously isn't going to go well at all.  I'm thinking Shutter Island but not a psychological thriller, just a straight, make a wish and the wish comes true in the most sinister way.  In fact, like the episode of Rick and Morty where Summer goes to work for The Devil and The Devil had beef with Rick (for those who know).  It doesn't look like a compelling role for Michael Peña and this could all be a bit lackluster, however I'm hoping there are some nice horror twists or it is just a waste of a franchise, especi

(trailer review) - Skin Walker

Is this a silly name or is it just perfect for what the film is about?  As for the trailer, all I could get from it is a woman having a disfigured baby, the baby mentioned as being dead and an angry father whilst a woman is in despair and seems to be losing it whilst her or another woman seem to think the baby is still alive.  So, it's a matter of proving who is lying and getting back the child and proving that, that person wasn't going mad because the family is holding back secrets?  I don't know and I could be wrong but this film does intrigue me.  I'll wait for a better trailer to tell a "better" story before I can say I am fully invested.  Still seems like a silly name, though. Directed by Christian Neuman and starring Udo Kier, Jefferson Hall & Amber Anderson 

(trailer review) - Scooby-Doo

When I was younger I used to watch Scooby-Doo.  Always trying to track the bad guy as I'm sure it is a murder mystery cartoon...or if not murder, people go missing, no? I really can't remember and really don't care at this point.  But I remember it used to be fun especially when they introduced Scrappy-Doo, the tiny version of scooby that loved to fight.  However, once I was told that Scooby-Doo and the gang was a bunch of Hippy druggies and that only Shaggy talks to Scooby and Scooby talks back to Shaggy (k inda like Stu and his Mum in Family Guy, that kinda thing, sorta ) and they understand each other because Shaggy is constantly high.  I had no idea they were hippies when I was watching it as a young boy.  Plus, you don't see shaggy on drugs or taking them (Kids TV), but he seems to be clearly on it.  It was at that moment, my mind was blown.  I cannot validate this and maybe this information is wrong, but I've never cared to try and find out if it were true

(trailer review) - 47 Hours

Ok, let's be real, some of these types of movies are straight garbage.  Anything for a cheap jump scare for a fast buck.  I can't say I've seen a Blumhouse movie that had done that or have heard of one, as for the most part, Blumhouse movies are decent and make a ton of money, but as soon as I saw those maggots in the girl's mouth and the guy getting hit by the car, I had a reaction.  I had to watch the trailer again and again to see part of the girl's face fall off, the other girl's mouth huge like a Titan from Attack on Titan and the blood spilling from a girls skirtand this is because they played some game. It looks a little nasty and I'm currently in two minds about getting involved, but I do like creepy and this does weird in a creepy way.  The big mouth bit reminded me of the little boy in The Grudge, but then the way she  Ok, I'm kinda involved. Directed by Patrick Johnson and starring  Allie Marie Evans, Annie Hamilton &

(trailer review) - Sonic the Hedgehog

So, Hollywood decided on making a film about Sonic the Hedgehog, a computer game from the 90's available on the Sega console systems such as the Master System and the Mega-Drive.  Sonic was soo popular that he also had his own TV series, so I'm guessing, to rejuvenate this character and the franchise beyond gaming, (because they still make Sonic games), they decided to do this film and try and reap the benefits. The first hurdle and problem was in the first trailer for this movie as it looked terrible.  Sonic looked terrible, Jim Carrey didn't look that great or Iconic and the acting...well, it's a kids movie aimed at kids.  I am glad they listened to the fans and have redesigned Sonic to change his look to the more known and classic look and it looks great.  A much more accurate depiction.  I think where the film falls down (in the trailer at least and not including the acting from Jim Carrey and/or dialogue) is at the beginning, we see Sonic's world.  It look

(series review) [STREAMING] - Living with Yourself

I can't say I've seen a lot of Paul Rudd movies or shows, but I do recognise him from films such as, Anchor Man...... And he is s very likeable guy.  I wasn't bothered that they brought him into the Marvel Cinematic Universe at all and he plays Scott Lang well.  The thing I like about him the most after discovering it, is that he has been trolling Conan O'Brian (the talk show guy) for years and there is a 6 and a half minute clip on YouTube that just gets funnier and funnier.  So, knowing Paul as a funny guy, I thought a series with him in it would be equally the same. Living with Yourself is a funny and bizarre show about a man, Miles (Paul Rudd) who is essentially up to his eyeballs in work, his marriage with Kate (Aisling Bea) seems to be breaking down due to various reasons, so he treats himself to a spa make-over to hopefully come out brand new, refreshed and full of a different type of energy and hopefully can navigate through life better with a different

(trailer review) - Ip Man 4: The Finale

Pronounced like "TIP" but with NO T......Ip! The master who trained Bruce Lee.  If you are into Martial Arts and Kung Fu, then this is definitely for you. I remember watching the first one and it was as if I was watching Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon again or HERO, I loved it.  Watching this trailer and seeing Donnie Yen reprise his role as the titular character is great and seeing even a glimpse of Bruce Lee in this was great.  I'm a fan of Bruce Lee although I haven't seen his films but I love his Martial Arts and showmanship.  I saw Ip Man 2 but didn't watch 3 because Mike Tyson was in it and it put me off the series/franchise, but seeing this again has brought me back.  Maybe before this one is released, I will watch them all to catch myself up. Directed by Wilson Yip and staring Donnie Yen and Scott Adkins

(trailer review) - Soul

Disney is Skynet.  I mean how many movies are they realeasing a year?  From the studio that brought us Inside Out (which was good and I enjoyed), Up (which was also good and I enjoyed) and Coco (one I didn't see but heard it was really good) these guys do NOT drop the ball.  I saw Toy Story 4 which was excellent (as per usual) and Incredible 2 (which was seemless after all these years and very good), it's just interesting where they are going to go with this movie about a black teacher and musician who falls down a manhole/sewer drain and possibly dies.  It's a little dark but a lot of these cartoons are.  When the brother died in Big Hero 6 (SPOILER ALERT - after the fact, I know), that got me hard!!! Let's see what they will do.  I feel like it will have a great message behind it and be VERY uplifting.  I feel the tears already. Directed by Pete Docter and starring Jamie Foxx, Tina Fey, Questlove, Phylicia Rashad, Daveed Diggs,

(trailer review) - Wendy

Ok, so the first thing that caught me off guard was that, Peter Pan is a black (person of colour) child? I had to watch the trailer 3-4 times just to make sure I understood what they were doing here.... and I love it!  I mean other than the fact that, all I could think about whilst watching this trailer is, 'The Goonies', wild children and bad parenting, this film looks very heartfelt and also very modern in comparison to previous Peter Pan outings and also not very fantastical. It would seem like it is more rooted and grounded with small fantasy elements, ie whatever our imagination can conjure up and in this case, these children.  I'm interested in seeing another trailer and seeing where they will go with this. Not really my type of movie, unless they get but a bit more fantastical with it, but it has caught my attention. Directed by Benh Zeitlin and starring Tommie Lynn Milazzo and Shay Walker

(trailer review) - Color Out of Space

Now this looks intriguing.  Say what you will about Nicholas Cage but he is a pretty decent actor and he is always in a movie.  It's something like a minimum of 4 movies a year.  8 Movies last year, 6 movies this year and as it currently stands, 5 movies next year, he is working HARD!  Though some of these are likely to be direct to DVD, small releases or what-have-you, some of his movies really stand out from the crowd such as Mandy which got a lot of praise. This film is from the producers of Mandy and strikes me as an modern day B-Movie.  It would be interesting to see what the audience thinks once they have seen this as people could have fun with it. I'm neither here or there with it but as I said, intriguing and the film might actually be good. Directed by Richard Stanley and starring Nicolas Cage

(trailer review) - The Invisible Man

I want to go on about the 'Monster Universe' Universal Studios tried to set up a few years back with Dracula Untold, then when they tried to reboot the Universe again with The Mummy... ultimately, they both failed.  However, if this is a silent reboot, then I can get with that, providing this movie does well in the studios eyes and any other monster movies they end up doing also does well, then they can just connect them all. We have had loads of The Invisible Man movies and to be honest, I think the only one I can remember is the Chevy Chase one, Memoirs of an Invisible Man.  No, I didn't see Hollow Man with Kevin Bacon. This movie looks pretty decent and from Blumhouse Productions, (those who make scary movies for a couple of dollars to make thousands of more dollars) and from the director of Upgrade (the better Venom movie), this film looks like it will be a good and entertaining watch, although it seems as though we've seen the entire movie in the trailer.

(film review) - Zombieland: Double Tap

Around 12 years ago, they mentioned making a film called Zombieland (I even reviewed it - gosh I feel old ) and I wasn't sure what to make of it.  10 years ago, they released the trailer and the movie seemed goofy and fun, but I wasn't sure what to make of it.  Saw the movie in December 2009 and as my review stated, I really enjoyed it.  I had been awaiting a sequel to this movie ever since and it had been on hold because director Ruben Fleischer had been busy making films like 30 Minutes or Less, Gangster Squad and the more recent, Venom.  They did try to launch a TV series back in 2013 with Amazon Studios, but the show didn't even get past the terrible pilot as it was that bad.  I watched it and for the most part, it seems they got most of the core elements of the show, but it was just bad, really.  The characters had no chemistry and it just seemed very much like a budget Zombieland.  This sequel on the other hand, something we have waited 10 years for, not only does

(trailer review) - Bad Boys for Life

I guess for the most part, I enjoyed Bad Boys 2, but there is a notable difference between the first and second film.  This one on the other hand looks like more of the same as it's predecessor and I can't say I'm mad at that.  Both Will and Martin are noticeably older and it seems like part 3 will play on that 'Leathal Weapon' "I'm too old for this shit" rift which will provide comic relief in this movie I know I will enjoy.  I'm hoping all the cast is back, as that would be great to see.  Especially if they got some deep cuts from the first and second movie.  I'd buy this for a dollar - sorry, wait, wrong cop movie. Directed by and starring Will Smith and Marin Lawrence.

(trailer review) - The Banker

Apple are now smack bang in the middle of the streaming wars, well they very soon will be and someone already told me of a series starring Jason Mamoa called "See" which is meant to be a really good watch and has a great concept.  So seeing this trailer obviously intrigued me due to Apple's efforts to plant themselves in this war with the calibre of projects and actors to rival Netflix (I'm sure and the new Disney+) so we shall see what more comes out from Apple TV. Depending on scheduling and such, I do think Samuel L. Jackson is miscast for this role as it seems to me he is playing "himself" or a character that isn't that far removed from others he has done, but I am loving the 'based on a true story' aspect of the movie.  Anthony Mackie is definitely a very credible star and I do like Nicholas Hoult as he was brilliant in Fury Road and as Beast in the X-Men franchise.  I'm definitely interested in this story as I've heard nothing

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