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(trailer review) - Bloodshot

For those of us who are comic book readers or read graphic novels or just novels, we understand that for the most part there are no new ideas.  With that said, watching this trailer not only provided nothing new to what we have seen before, it also reminded you of various other incarnations of such stories where a man has died and was brought back to life, RoboCop or for me, (because I am of that age) Universal Soldier.
I was not bought on this movie at all, however the scene where Vin's character is falling and the guy he was falling with has some kind of elongated mechanical arm or something, THAT I liked.  I also did like that his body can heal, like Wolverine (in the X-Men), so I will be very interested to see if he has any kind of weakness and can be destroyed although we most likely won't see that.

Sidenote:  The story has to be a draw because Vin Diesel isn't at all and he essentially plays the same tough guy in every movie.  Let's just hope he gets success with this, Sony need it and so does he.

Directed by David Wilson and starring Vin Desel, 


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