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(film review) [STREAMING] El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

I feel weird reviewing this.  Reason being, I haven't watched Breaking Bad in sooooo long.
However, I remember how it made me feel once the show was over.  If I wasn't feeling to lazy, I stood up and clapped.  Yup, standing ovation.  If I wasn't too lazy.  The point is, I clapped.  I felt the show was masterful and I really enjoyed it.
Now a lot of people will talk about "hype" and how the show was too hyped to get into it and how it's surrounded by hype, but people often forget they just need to see the show or movie for themselves (if they are remotely interested of course) and leave all that hype, out.  You can learn to appreciate and value a movie or show by yourself and not get carried away with your own inflated expectations from all the hype you have been told about.  But unfortunately, our thoughts can often get swayed by the thoughts and opinions of others.

Anyway, although it has been 6 years or so since the final episode of Breaking Bad, this movie picks up after the events of the finale where we see Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) driving off in an El Camino laughing maniacally and Walter White (Bryan Cranston) laying, presumed dead, on the lab floor.  Jesse has escaped the Neo Nazis that captured him, Todd (Jesse Plemons), and whilst suffering from PTSD, Jesse needs to figure out what his next move is going to be when you are the subject of a police manhunt, wanted for the operation of the biggest methamphetamine production businesses in the state.

I loved the way this movie opened. You are automatically sucked into the world of breaking Bad easily, especially if you are used to the visuals from the show.  There is no recap whatsoever and it is left to you to pick up the clues and hints spread throughout the movie.  The Acting. I mean, Aaron Paul picked up an award for this character, no? So, it goes without saying that Aaron is definitely on point and you felt his pain and torment.  He slides back into this role with ease.  As there isn't much trailers showing much of the other characters in the movie from the show, I wouldn't want to mention different characters spoiling who is and who isn't in it.
Visually, Vince Gilligan did a great job.  there was a sequence in a scene where it is an overhead shot and it was amazing, very clever.  The just before that shot, a gun barrel shot which looked amazing. It's hard to dislike something you watched several seasons of, enjoyed the hell out of it and then they produce a movie, absolutely nobody asked for, but you watched it nonetheless and it was just like watching the show again with all quirks and kinks that made the show great.  I could only imagine that Vince hasn't been able to sleep for 6 years because he didn't resolve Jesse Pinkman's story.

I don't watch 'Better Call Saul', but having seen this, I will get back into that world and start because I really do miss that world, having seen this film.  You will definitely enjoy this if you enjoyed the show.  If you don't and you watched the show, it would possibly be down to you already satisfied with the ending in the this a 2 hour epilogue. Enjoy!


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