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(film review) [STREAMING] - Dolemite is my Name

I wasn't sure how I was going to start this review.  It is safe to say that the LEGENDARY comic that is Eddie Murphy or the SUPERSTAR actor that is Eddie Murphy, hasn't done anything that notable in a while.  His last movie was Mr. Church.  That looked good and although I didn't see it or even hear much about it, Eddie Murphy received Best Supporting actor in 2016.  In 2012, he is in a movie called Tower Heist.  No buzz whatsoever, but I actually enjoyed the movie and Eddie in it, although he was somewhat different to other roles I have seen him in or at least his vibe was different.

If you are around my age, classic comedy stand-ups such as Delirious and Raw are one of the most quotable and most outlandish comedy stand-up shows of that era which is a product of that time.  Eddie Murphy was young and on fire.  It is hilariously funny and there are people including famous comedians who hold Delirious and Raw to a very high regard who may have got into stand-up due to watching these two classics.  With movies from 48 Hours, Coming to America, Trading Places, The Golden Child, Beverley Hills Cop, The Nutty Professor, Life, Bowfinger, Dreamgirls and voice acting in Shrek as Donkey, Eddie Murphy was indeed THAT superstar, so it is disappointing to know that in recent years, he hasn't done much or some of his film haven't been as hard hitting as others.  However, Dolemite is my name is WONDERFUL!!!

Rudy Ray Moore (Eddie Murphy) is a struggling artist trying to get his music on the radio.  He also works moonlighting for Ben Taylor (Craig Robinson) at a nightclub where he is turned down by club manager when he requests to do stand-up.  Knowing he is relevant and he can do soo much better, with the help of his friends Jimmy Lynch (Mike Epps) and Theodore Toney (Titus's Burgess), Rudy tars on a fictional persona of Dolemite and pursues a stand-up routine to much praise.  But as his stand-up gets bigger, Rudy takes on acting as he dreams for people all over the country to know his name, so he enlists the help of playwrite Jerry Jones (Keegan-Michael Key) and known actor D'urville Martin (Wesley Snipes) to produce a film called Dolemite and risks it all.
In case you didn't know, this is a biographical comedy, which means it was based on a real person.  Which also means, the events of this movie actually happened.  The fact it is on Netflix means that this wonderful film can be watched on repeat again and again and to say this film is good and funny is an understatement.  I think, like Pain and Gain (for me that is), the film is even funnier knowing that this actually happened in real life.  This film has heart, I really enjoyed it and the director Craig Brewer did an excellent job.  I was very close to tears at the end when I saw Charlie Murphy's name as seeing his name touched me.  I have no idea why I got soo emotional, but I think it was due to the heart of the film.  Knowing this movie is a passion project of Eddie and him honouring his brother in the end, tugged at me.

Whether real or not, Eddie Murphy as Rudy does something at the end which, to me, was very heart-warming because I felt that his struggle was really relatable.  A man who just wanted to follow his dreams by basically any means.  Nobody wants to be turned down everywhere they go, but he kept pressing on.

Pretty much ALL the acting came from comedians and I loved seeing these comics together in one movie.  Is Soul Plane the last time?  My heart was warmed seeing Wesley Snipes acting and having a great time in his role as D'urville, as he was great.  He is another one who has been quiet over the years and isn't as big of a name as he used to be back in his heyday.  Craig Robinson and Mike Epps were also good, but Da'Vine Joy Randolph was sooo good.  I've never seen her in anything and I also liked her role although I kept thinking she was Jill Scott.  There are a few guess appearances, from what I noticed, two rappers and another comedian and one of the rappers was soooo unrecognisable, I only recognised him through his voice.

The wardrobe was phenomenal, great work again from Ruth Carter who was the person behind the wardrobe in Black Panther and would only make sense if she was used for the sequel and Coming 2 America as the outfits were splendid.  The set designs, everything was just superb for the era and I even heard/read somewhere post movie but before this review, that some of the locations were the exact locations from the original movie.  The music and pacing was great and although in the first 10 minutes, it took me a moment to grasp what was going on, once Eddie as Rudy became Dolemite, it was nonstop excellence.  You could say that this is Eddie's comeback and if it is, from being one of my favourite actors/entertainers, I am definitely here for it and I just hope Coming 2 America and anything else in the pipeline gives Eddie a new leash on life in acting and he can bow out when he wants to and retire back into stand-up comedy, where he started and as he has stated.

Watch Dolemite and enjoy!


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