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(trailer review) - Jumanji: The Next Level

So, after I had watched the latest edition to the Jumanji franchise (Jamanji: Welcome to the Jungle or Jumanji 2) and after it had done really well, they decided to do a sequel making this a Trilogy.  I'm not sure if they will do another sequel as that is likely to depend on the outcome of this one and if this one is anything like the last, we might get just that. I enjoyed the last one as I thought it was a surprising success, story wise.  I liked the characters and the jokes and as this looks just as goofy and fun, this has the potential to do better than the last one.  I mean, the whole "body swap" element has not got old yet and provides good laughs.  My only reservation is that, all that sand and no Jungle? Upsetting, but lets see what they do with this. Directed by Jake Kasdan and starring Dwayne Johnson, Kevin Hart, Danny Glover & Danny DeVito

(trailer review) - The Witcher

It is upsetting to know that an actor as talented as Henry Cavill can be wasted by such producers as studios behind Justice League and Batman v Superman in the Warner Brothers Superhero Universe once dubbed the DCEU.  To see Guy Ritchie (Man from U.N.C.L.E) and Christopher McQuarrie (Mission Impossible) director, managed to utilize Henry in such a great way, it is just upsetting to know we have such a great actor who can continue the role of Superman, is also willing to continue the role as Superman, but ultimately, is not given the chance to do so.  What I will say from this trailer though, is that Cavill not only has the size and shape to play Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher main character, but not knowing of the IP or anything regarding the computer game, Henry's involvement, as well as what I see in the trailer, has got me very interested in knowing the story behind The Witcher.  In addition this looks like a good role for Henry to sink his teeth into and it will be, very well

(trailer review) - Knives Out

So, basically, it's a Guess Who? or Who Done It? Murder mystery movie where someone gets murdered and we are trying to figure out who did it! From the top of my head, I cannot think off the top of my head if I can remember the last murder mystery film I've watched...maybe The Grand Budapest Hotel, if that is one.  But the acting looks incredible and some of these actors look like they are having a blast.  It would be nice to see some of these actors who are known for iconic characters to actually see them as somebody else and not whom they have embodied for many years. Plus I like Rian Johnson, he needs a win after Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I liked it but it was problematic. Directed By Rian Johnson and starring Daniel Craig, Chris Evans, LaKeith Stanfield, Don Johnson, Jamie Lee Curtis and many more.

(trailer review) - The Mandalorian

This is for the Star Wars fans worldwide, across the Galaxy from the Death Star to the StarKiller Base who all started foaming at the mouth and at Rian Johnson whom they think destroyed episode 8.  I enjoyed it personally, but the fan base is divided.  With Disney already working on a season 2 and the budget they are using to help launch Netflix Ultra (Disney Plus) this actually looks really good. A space Western feel in a galaxy far far Away', a long time ago. It would be nice to see them expand on the Mandelorian lore in Star Wars among other things to give Star Wars that big huge Galaxy feel.  I mean not everything is about Luke & Rey. Directed by Jon Favreau and starring Pedro Pascal. Gina Carano, Nick Nolte

(trailer review) - The Grudge

I hold The Grudge in very high regard.  I'm not sure if this is the best scary movie for me, but the original which came out back in 2004, I was fully down for and I really enjoyed it.  A woman moves in or goes to a haunted house (I can't remember which exactly), but when she leaves, The Grudge follows her home.  Maaaaaaayte! Just seeing this trailer filled me with such joy.  It currently looks like a gender swap with John Cho (brilliant actor) and some other actors I don't instantly recognise, but as long as it keeps the creepy elements to it and I don't mind what different things they try out, as long as keep it, a straight up supernatural horror story, told very well.  They also need to have more usage of the little boy!  CREEPY!!! Love it! Fun fact: Although I enjoyed The Grudge, I didn't bother with the sequels and I have NO idea why. Directed by Nicolas Pesce and starring John Cho, Andrea Riseborough and Demián Bichir

(film review) [STREAMING] - Dolemite is my Name

I wasn't sure how I was going to start this review.  It is safe to say that the LEGENDARY comic that is Eddie Murphy or the SUPERSTAR actor that is Eddie Murphy, hasn't done anything that notable in a while.  His last movie was Mr. Church.  That looked good and although I didn't see it or even hear much about it, Eddie Murphy received Best Supporting actor in 2016.  In 2012, he is in a movie called Tower Heist.  No buzz whatsoever, but I actually enjoyed the movie and Eddie in it, although he was somewhat different to other roles I have seen him in or at least his vibe was different. If you are around my age, classic comedy stand-ups such as Delirious and Raw are one of the most quotable and most outlandish comedy stand-up shows of that era which is a product of that time.  Eddie Murphy was young and on fire.  It is hilariously funny and there are people including famous comedians who hold Delirious and Raw to a very high regard who may have got into stand-up due

(series review) [STREAMING] - Rhythm + Flow

I wasn't going to watch this at all.  Britain's Got Talent, The Voice, X-Factor, I just don't care about these type of shows because, well, I just don't care.  But I started watching this and after 2 - 3 episodes, I was hooked.  I am a hip-hop head so it was really cool and interesting to see these different people come together from across America to not only impress these judges and eventually win the money at the end, but to get a little insight on the industry. The first few episodes is about meeting the competitors from different areas.  Cardi B from New York, T.I. from Atlanta and Chance the Rapper from Chicago. Whilst they all choose around 10 contestants each, the contestants slowly dwindle down to the final 4 by the end of the season/show. If it isn't a rapping to impress the judges or battle rapping each other, the part where the competitors are required to direct a music video is probably one of the best parts of the show.  I grew up listening a

(trailer review) - Antlers

Ok, so this film looks creepy.  How  kid they Littlegot turnsaway with sliding this past Disney, I don't know. gourmet chef and kills things to feed something he calls "Daddy".  Shows his boy in the woods and Daddy stands, which looks like 10 feet tall (perspective).  I mean, mum is sitting down at the kitchen table figuring out her child is a weirdo and he's into some shit.  I'm interested in watching this as it looks like a nice little fright...not for me as I don't get scared easily, but creepy, I'm down for! Directed by Scott Cooper and starring Keri Russell and Jesse Plemons

(film review) - Terminator: Dark Fate

Ok ok ok...first of all, wow.  Secondly, Tim Miller....My Guy! I wasn't that keen on watching this one but I am a Terminator fan from when I was little.  I've seen all of them.  And while some are not great at all and some are better than others, none really captured tension like Terminator 1 or 2 did.  Don't get me wrong, Terminator Genisys wasn't terrible, captured tension to an extent, but it felt more like bigger and grander in explosions and action etc, atthough I manage to enjoy it, apart from the twist at the end among the other things that let it down.  But for the most part, to me, it was better than Salvation and definitely better than Rise of the Machines.  This one, not only gave you vibes of the first two, this one had me under soo much stress. Dark Fate picks up 27 years after the events of what would have been Judgement Day.  Robots in the future are losing the fight against humanity in the future, so once again, they send a Terminator back to the pa

(trailer review) - Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

I forgot they were going to release a final trailer.  Yes, there are going to be TV spots etc, but this is the "final" trailer that should show some story to it and does it? No! The trailer, for the most part is a sell that it is Star Wars.  It is a sell that we see all the new actors.  It is a sell that we see a touching moment with Carrie Fisher as it would have been her Birthday today, but she died when they wrapped on The Last Jedi.  It was a sell that we saw Kylo Ren and Rey fight but where was The Emporor?  After seeing the actor who plays him already, might as well show him a bit more prominently, no? Anyway, JJ does what he does best, SELL! And I'd be lying if I didn't buy into the visual, the scope and then SCORE!!!  Let's just hope he can close this one off neatly with a nice bow.  All we want is space battles, lightsabre fights and a bit of story connectivity.  Let's hope all the best bits are in the movie. Directed by JJ Abrams and St

(trailer review) - Bloodshot

For those of us who are comic book readers or read graphic novels or just novels, we understand that for the most part there are no new ideas.  With that said, watching this trailer not only provided nothing new to what we have seen before, it also reminded you of various other incarnations of such stories where a man has died and was brought back to life, RoboCop or for me, (because I am of that age) Universal Soldier. I was not bought on this movie at all, however the scene where Vin's character is falling and the guy he was falling with has some kind of elongated mechanical arm or something, THAT I liked.  I also did like that his body can heal, like Wolverine (in the X-Men), so I will be very interested to see if he has any kind of weakness and can be destroyed although we most likely won't see that. Sidenote:  The story has to be a draw because Vin Diesel isn't at all and he essentially plays the same tough guy in every movie.  Let's just hope he gets succ

(trailer review) - American Son

I am hoping this movie will have an impact.  I am hoping this movie reaches everyone who goes to watch it.  I am hoping everyone who goes to watches it, receive said impact as I believe this can be and will be a very powerful film.  I am hoping that it will carry enough power (from what I've seen thus far) although not a real story based on real events, but I hope people can see the mirror onto society this movie reflects. We hold a force like the Police, in such high regard.  Our safety is ultimately in their hands most of the time, but the people we hold to serve and protect us, their behaviour, especially from such a high position, the arrogance, ignorance, distain (for human life and/or those of colour [on a case by case basis]) as well as the disregard to people of colour, along with their inability to carry out their duties effectively, efficiently and honestly make for a great discussion on how they could do better and should do better.  And with such a powerful actress

(trailer review) - The Outsider

So, I went looking for this trailer and 3 'The Outsider' videos came up and they were 3 different movies and/or shows dropping this year or next. Maaaad. It's also funny that this trailer is a bit bitter sweet for me, now that I found it.  I like Jason Bateman and I like Stephen King novels or film adaptations, however, although this looks very interesting and I really do want to watch it, the bitter part is that I am still waiting on season 3 of Ozark.  I think it's meant to drop some time this year possibly, but I'm not 100% sure off the top of my head as there is little to no news on it, so this trailer just upsets me, but it also looks very interesting and I want to watch it. #sigh From this trailer I can tell that this murder mystery is going to be really good especially with Cynthia Erivo cast.  I remember her from Bad Times at the El Royale, which didn't do well but was a good movie.  It also has elements of season 1 'True Detective' writte

(trailer review) - Bombshell

Margot Robbie is on the hottest streak right now.  Is she the female Dwayne Johnson?  I feel I will go onto her Instagram and see her bench pressing a motorbike whilst promoting another movie.  In short, she is working very hard and she is a great actor.  She has a bunch of movies coming out and this one seems interesting.  These 3 ladies look like they will work well together and it does look like a very good story.  From Charles Randolph, the guy behind the screenplay of The Big Short (a film I didn't see) and directed by Jay Roach who had been behind a lot of comedy films, I'd be interested in see this as it looks good. Directed by Jay Roach and Starring Nicole Kidman, Charlize Theron, Margot Robbie and John Lithgow

(trailer review) - The Last Black Man in San Francisco

Sometimes it's nice to watch an endearing film, away from comics and action and such.  I have no idea what this film is about from this trailer other than being "The Last Man in San Francisco".  I'm not sure about that, because Danny Glover is a man...and so are this guy's friends.  But I'm sure this will be an interesting story as it is very well shot.  I love the visuals, but this initial trailer doesn't really give me anything other than, family vibes, friendship with a hint of comedy and that a man, black man, needs to leave San Francisco. Upon realising there was a trailer from March, that official trailer gives you more story.  I will also post this below. Directed by Joe Talbot and starring JimmIe Falls, Danny Glover and Mike Epps

(film review) - Gemini Man

Apparently this movie has been in 'development hell' since the 90's as it was written then.  It does show.  Yes, this film does little-to-nothing to raise any bars whatsoever as we have seen everything they throw at us in many movies before, so you definitely know what to expect - unless you expected a 'Bike-Slap!', I mean, I've not seen that before.  But as to why this movie never came out back then, is beyond me and Ikinda wish it didn't.  This movie seems to be getting mixed to negative reviews also, but for me, I quite enjoyed it. Henry Brogan (Will Smith) is the best there is.  The best there ever will be and he works for the government as an assassin.  However, after his last assignment, the aging assassin decides to hang up his sniper rifle and go into retirement.  Whilst in retirement, Henry finds out his own government has put plans into motion to take him out by using his former agency, a secret black ops unit codenamed 'Gemini' ran by

(film review) [STREAMING] El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

I feel weird reviewing this.  Reason being, I haven't watched Breaking Bad in sooooo long. However, I remember how it made me feel once the show was over.  If I wasn't feeling to lazy, I stood up and clapped.  Yup, standing ovation.  If I wasn't too lazy.  The point is, I clapped.  I felt the show was masterful and I really enjoyed it. Now a lot of people will talk about "hype" and how the show was too hyped to get into it and how it's surrounded by hype, but people often forget they just need to see the show or movie for themselves (if they are remotely interested of course) and leave all that hype, out.  You can learn to appreciate and value a movie or show by yourself and not get carried away with your own inflated expectations from all the hype you have been told about.  But unfortunately, our thoughts can often get swayed by the thoughts and opinions of others. Anyway, although it has been 6 years or so since the final episode of Breaking Bad, this

(series review) [STREAMING] - Raising Dion

You'd think by now we would be oversaturated with comic-book movies, shows, etc and we'd basically see another one and physically vomit from reading the synopsis, however this one does something we haven't quite seen yet on TV.   Well, at least from what I have seen, thus far. The series ‘The Boys’ brings drama and action in a dark and gritty world with dark humour, whilst ‘Umbrella Academy’ brings drama, action with a family dynamic accompanied with a bit of humour and comic book absurdities.   As for this one, Raising Dion on Netflix, not only brings THAT with fantasy and adventure included, but leans heavily into family drama and isn’t about a bunch of adopted kids (family). I stumbled across this on Netflix and I saw a little chatter online regarding it.   Kid with super powers, whoop-ti-doo.   But I thought I would give it a go and see what it was all about. Nicole Reese (Alisha Wainwright) is a woman who is Raising Dion (roll credits), her son (J

(trailer review) - Dolittle

Some would say that Robert can't seem to do anything outside of the MCU as Judge and Due Date wasn't that acknowledged among a few others  However, Sherlock Holmes was decent...and I enjoyed that.  I'm just patiently awaiting a part 3.  Dolittle, formally played by Eddie Murphy in which looks like a completely different rendition and somewhat, a reboot to possibly start a new franchise, Universal has thrown a lot of money at this and it does look like it from the cast alone.  And it does also look pretty interesting.  I like the accent.  Might actually be a bit of fun and wonder.  I'm interested. Directed by Stephen Gaghan and starring Robert Downey Jr., Antonio Banderas , Michael Sheen and a bunch of voice acting from a few stars such as Octavia Spencer, Rami Malek , Ralph Fiennes and Tom Holland, to name a few.

(trailer review) - Jungle Cruise

How many movies will Dwayne 'The Rock's Johnson be apart of with the word 'Jungle' in it? How many movies a year? 28? Whilst working on 35? This guy!  With that said, the first thing I thought of whilst watching this trailer was 'Pirates of the Caribbean' as it came across as though they have made a movie from a theme park ride.  I know nothing of Jungle Cruise, but it was the vibe I got.  I have love for Emily Blunt since 'Live. Die. Repeat' with Tom Cruise's and since then, I've enjoyed what she has been in.  Dwayne, well...can he do a lot wrong? More good than bad and if anything, the films which are bad are not because of him, so with that said, I'm looking forward to this in 2020 as it looks like fun. Directed by Jaume Collet-Serra and starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt.

(trailer review) - Onward

From the creators of Incredibles and "" as a Disney Pixar movie?  I'm definitely involved.  It seems as though they have got World of Warcraft infused with a family dynamic and modern day "everyday life" spin that will make it an interested movie. I liked the Half-way dad and the dressing up making seem like a full sized adult, it gave me some giggles.  Besides, I like Chris Pratt, Octavia Spencer and Tom Holland, so it would be nice to hear their voices give life to these characters. I'll go to see this when this comes out. Directed by Dan Scanlon and starring Tom Holland and Chris Pratt

(film review) - Joker

I've probably said this before in a review somewhere, Warner Brothers have no clue with what they are doing since Marvel Studios released a movie called "Avengers".   Quaking in their boots and doing the only thing Hollywood does when something is successful, and they want IN, or they think that they have a great idea, they force it.   They copy and paste. Warner Brothers (WB), would have done soo well if they followed Man of Steel with Wonder Woman and then The Flash or (from what they said at the time) the Flash and Cyborg movie and build their characters first.   However, they decided on shortcuts and they rushed out a Batman v Superman (in which I had a much better storyline from my own head which would have spanned over 3 movies leading to Justice League).   They rushed out Justice League which was, decent-ish.   They released Suicide Squad which was, "Meh", ok at best I guess and now the only pretty decent films since, have been the Aquaman movie and a

(trailer review) - Richard Jewell

AIthough  I love action movies, sci-fi, comic-book and such,  I do like these types of movies based on real life events - a drama, Biographical Drama at that, which looks like a bunch of manipulation to someone innocent just trying to do their job and the powers that be, who want to control the narrative for their own personal gain/power or whatever, seem to be fucking it up for poor Richard Jewell. #Sigh Directed by Clint Eastwood and it has Kathy Bates, Jon Hamm and Sam Rockwell just to name a few. Verdict: I'm definitely interested.

(film review) - Hustlers

Off the top of my head, I couldn't tell you which was the last Jennifer Lopez movie I watched, if any.  Well, with her in it, anyway.  To me she is a singer who has dabbled in acting, but to be regarded as a solid actor, ummm...I'm not quite sure, personally.  And no, I didn't watch Selena. Early reviews for this movie has stated that the actor formally known as or sometimes known as J-Lo (I don't even know or care anymore), has potential to be a runner up for Oscar contender.  Well, going into the movie, I did keep that at the forefront of my mind and having heard one movie personality state that she was excellent at the beginning, I was thoroughly waiting for my socks to get blown off whilst keeping an open mind and let the movie as a whole do it.  And did the movie do that?  Let's just say, my socks were indeed moved, not completely off but past my heels at least. Destiny (Constance Wu) lives with her grandmother and is an inexperienced stripper.  She has mo

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