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(film review) - Spider-Man: Far From Home

At this point, it would seem as though Spider-Man films keep going on and on and people could be getting tired of it.  We had Toby Maguire in the Spider-Man film from 2002, then we had Andrew Garfield in The Amazing Spider-Man 2012, but it is probably safe to say that, Tom Holland is the perfect rendition of Spider-Man, debuted in Captain America: Civil War and his first movie, Spider-Man: Homecoming have ever had.  Not only is Tomas young, he can grow into the role and not be a 30 year old playing a kid.  No shade at all as the Raimi Spider-Man was great until they did part 3, but I hate the organic webs.  Regarding The Amazing Spider-Man, I liked the way they properly delved into the lore more but they rushed it and messed up the sequel.  Far From Home, being the third sequel in a Spider-Man movie is absolutely Amazing. For anyone who watched the 90's Spider-Man cartoon, that show was what I watched that gave me the background to Spider-Man and his somewhat infinite Rog

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