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(film review) - John Wick 3 - Parabellum

Chapter 3. Where this, now trilogy, should close the story of John Wick and his quest for vengeance leaving him to live a life as a retired hitman in the tranquillity he sees fit.   It’s like, after every movie, you reminisce back to how we got here.   How did it all start? His dog was murdered, he avenged it.   His car was stolen, he retrieved it.   The only thing John has a problem getting back, is his retirement, as finding his was back into the underworld of, well…let’s call it, The Hitman Society has proved to cause more harm than good.   Well, more dead bodies by The Babayagga, but we won’t get into that just yet. In case I haven’t explained why I love these movies properly, I’ll break it down. John Wick is just like an 80’s or 90’s film where, titular hero, John Rambo? John McClane? John Matrix, even? Take on hordes of enemies who are trying to kill him and he survives.   It’s about suspending disbelief where some elements of the movie may seem unrealistic, but you enjo

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