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(film review) - Alita: Battle Angel

This film seemed to be going through all types of hell in order to be put onto screen.   James Cameron wanted a specific look to this movie and to also enforce a “gimmick” with the help of Robert Rodriguez to tell the story of Battle Angel: Alita, I mean, Alita: Battle Angel, and with their sensibilities together, produced and directed a film that I, actually, well…really enjoyed! After a major war known as “The Fall”, society is split with those who live at the top in the City of Zalem and those who live at the bottom in what is known as the Iron City, a junkyard dumping ground.   Dr. Dyson Ido ( Christoph Waltz ), whilst in a junkyard, finds a disembodied female Cyborg and decides to put her together and name her Alita ( Rosa Salazar ).   Now discovering a whole new world, the people in it and the life or death competitive sport of Motorball, Alita stumbles across the person responsible for the murders of innocent women and instinctively engages into a fight which allows her to

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