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(film review) - Glass

The combination of two movies!  For those of you old enough to remember a little movie called Unbreakable in the year 2000, this movie came out in a year where superhero movies were minimal and few and far between.  In actual fact, this was an era and essentially the very start of this, now phenomenal genre where comic book movies have now evolved from your essentially, “smack” “bamm” comic book movies with cheesy dialogue and one-liners, to something a bit more fantastical/Comic-booky but somewhat grounded in the reality of the world we live in now.  Even back then, comic book movies are nowhere near to what they are now.

We had Marvel’s Blade starring Wesley Snipes in 1998, in which you could make an argument, was the start of them all because two years later, we had X-Men and for the fact that it was actually a great and still is a great and Marvel-lous movie, but when the brand Marvel sold their properties off and Fox gave us X-Men, everything changed.  We currently have the colossal giants, Marvel & Detective Comics battling it out against each other, but a movie like Glass continues a story from a movie named Unbreakable which got lost in the shuffle with the new superhero movies and the fact that nobody knew what this movie was actually about, to now becoming a cult hit spawning two sequels.  Split along with Unbreakable, not being like the traditional comic book movies, broke away from the “stereotypes” of the comic book genre which has allowed them to become cult classics from M. Night Shyamalan.

Glass picks up where Split left off, Kevin Wendell Crumb (James McAvoy) a man suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, is continuing his spree but has caught the attention of David Dunn (Bruce Willis) and his son Joseph who have set up a “Business” of saving people through the powers David has by touching people.  Upon investigating the individual known as The Horde, David meets up with The Beast.  A fight ensues until they are caught by the police and detained for their crimes and placed into a Mental Institute with Mr. Glass, a comic book enthusiast and terrorist who has Type I Osteogenesis.  Whilst in the Asylum, Dr. Ellie Staple, the head doctor of the mental institute decides to work with these three patients who claim to have special powers - The Overseer, The Hoard and Mr Glass to hopefully cure them of their “illness” and delusions of grandeur.

Without going into too much and giving away the entire film, it is best to go into this movie with an open mind and not expect a twist like M. Night’s other movies.  I really enjoyed this movie due to the way the story was told over the entire Trilogy.  This film as a stand-alone movie is good, but I felt that the direction was akin to Split than Unbreakable, but not as dark and chilling.
I felt that the story as a whole is great and somewhat alludes to an even grander picture/world, however it is interesting to know if M. Night will continue the stories or characters in this universe.
The acting is excellent.  Both McAvoy and Jackson are absolutely, amazing.  It’s simply ‘light work’ for them.  I mean, I was thinking Professor X and Nick Fury.  However, Willis, although good, I feel he should have had a bit more to do in a role he played in 19 years ago.  Maybe more scenes with him and him doing more things so we could see the full extent of his powers maybe.
This film was funny, it was sinister and thrilling as you aren’t really sure what is going to happen, even though from the very beginning, I could gauge what the movie is going to do, up until a certain point, until they pull the rug from under you with it's very small reveal, than a twist.  Unfortunately, you only lose balance than fall to the ground.
I’d recommend watching this film as it is shot well and to see and understand the world that M. Night has created and that it is actually a decent film, but I’d assume it will rub some people up the wrong way because the film in itself is definitely, NOT spectacular.  A good popcorn flick, have a gander.  Maybe it could be entered into one of the best Trilogies of all time!?! Well apart of the discussion, I'm sure.


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