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(film review) - Glass

The combination of two movies!   For those of you old enough to remember a little movie called Unbreakable in the year 2000, this movie came out in a year where superhero movies were minimal and few and far between.   In actual fact, this was an era and essentially the very start of this, now phenomenal genre where comic book movies have now evolved from your essentially, “smack” “bamm” comic book movies with cheesy dialogue and one-liners, to something a bit more fantastical/Comic-booky but somewhat grounded in the reality of the world we live in now.   Even back then, comic book movies are nowhere near to what they are now. We had Marvel’s Blade starring Wesley Snipes in 1998, in which you could make an argument, was the start of them all because two years later, we had X-Men and for the fact that it was actually a great and still is a great and Marvel-lous movie, but when the brand Marvel sold their properties off and Fox gave us X-Men, everything changed.   We currently have

(film review) - Bumblebee

I’m trying to figure out (along with the rest of the world), how this new Transformers movie fits into the universe of the Transformers franchise.   At first, I heard it was a soft franchise reboot, but it comes across as a prequel, kinda.   I mean, Michael Bay has f’ed up this franchise in the most royal way. The Transformers franchise is basically an X-Men movie timeline at this point and nobody is interested in it any more.  We can argue it made money at the Box Office, but when nobody generally likes it, overall, it a question of, "Who Actually Cares?" Let me get into it. Bumblebee is a fish out of water story of a boy and his dog.   Well, I believe that is the two idioms you could use to describe a film like this.   A civil war is engaged between the Autobots and the evil Deceptacons.   Losing the battle, Optimus Prime wants to establish a new base of operations and sends Bumblebee as a scout to Earth as a potential base as they retreat to regroup.   " After a

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