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(film review) - Aquaman

My Mother was the Queen of Atlantis.   She fell in love with my father, a human and then I was born.   She was driven back to the seas, when I was just a boy, but then she went missing.   Atlantis is looking to a new ruler, but is now under the threat of my brother, the Ocean Master, who wants the throne by inciting war between my two worlds.   My name is Arthur Curry and I must reclaim the throne as King of Atlantis and I am the only person who can stop him.   I am, Aquaman. For those familiar, I think I could have come up with a better one (considering I wrote a different one 4-6 times or even more), but I’m finding these amusing.   Hopefully I will stop soon.   But for now, it gets the job done and just as it states, as jokingly as I do them, this is the synopsis of the film.   Yes, there is more detail packed into this movie, so I’ll go into it a little trying not to spoil anything. Arthur Curry ( Jason Momoa ), a man who is born of two completely different worlds continues to

(file review) - Creed II

I was thinking, do I put the number “2” or the Roman Numerals “II”.   Considering this is based off of the Rocky Franchise (a franchise I haven’t seen all the way through – yeah I know), I thought I should continue this as they did and honour the Rocky Franchise. Anyway, if you didn’t know, Creed is a spin-off movie based off the Rocky Franchise that stars (Michael B. Jordan) as Adonis, Apollo Creed’s son of whom died in the ring at the hands of Ivan Drago in Rocky IV (I almost typed the number).   So, where the first film is about Adonis making a name for himself and becoming the champion, this film is about Adonis, now the champion, is faced with the family who were responsible for his father’s death by fighting Ivan Drago’s son and centres on what both fighters are now fighting for, their motives and how ultimately, what it would mean if they were to lose. Ryan Coogler is a great Director.   I am scared to watch Fruitvale Station as I heard and read that it is a brilliant fi

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