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(film review) - Avengers: Infinity War

We can only marvel at the marvellous way Marvel have managed to miraculously manipulate us by manifesting and making multiple movies with many mini story-arcs that eventually mount up to a massive match with a force with such the momentum of mammoth-like magnitude, us viewers and heroes alike, will be tested.  Furthermore, Marvel and Kevin Feige will be tested as this has never been done before in history, ever.  It has all been building to this.  20 Films has led us to this point.  How did it fair? Well, I don't want to go into this soo much as I've covered most of the Marvel Movies since Day 1.  Iron Man (ok, maybe not that one), Iron Man 2 all the way up to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.1 & Vol. 2, Spider-Man: Homecoming  and Black Panther .  The Former being a shot in the dark to the latter grossing $1,346,913,161 Worldwide.  Very pale in comparison to $585,174,222 for Iron man when they first started.  Disney's Marvel Cinematic Universe money making machine, a

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