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(film review) - Star Wars: The Last Jedi

It had been a while before we got Star Wars in film.  The OG Trilogy is very beloved and the Prequel Trilogy, well, it is hated my many.  The next Trilogy is now set with the first one being 'The Force Awakens' and while reboot specialist JJ Abrams did a good job with it (like Star Trek), they have decided to go with 'Brick' and 'Looper' director, Rian Johnson. I've not seen Brick but I've heard good things.  I've seen Looper and I loved it.  A great film where Bruce Willis isn't "Out to Lunch Phoning It In".  With that said, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, although marginally looked like Bruce with all the make-up, it didn't take away from the performance and what Rian ha accomplished. The Last Jedi, although going into production and filming, Rian clearly dictated he was doing his own thing, this film clearly shows it and I'll explain, without spoilers of course. The Last Jedi, begins only moments after the last movie, The For

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