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(film review) - Justice League

You could say it is the beginning of superhero fatigue as to why this film didn't do well.  You could also say it is because of the negative or mixed reviews which came out just before release, but I really do believe that the projected $110-120m for the weekend was hampered for many many reasons and Warner Bros. would never have reached it. Not something I want to really get into, but I do believe the films shortcomings has come from many different things circulating the movie alone and the movies that came before it, in which I feel I need to give context and clear the air a little. For example, Man of Steel opened to mixed to Positive reviews.  The film was divisive between critics and fans.  A really good film but the story was slightly hammy as certain characters were not portrayed accurately and the execution was just OK, albeit, some things never explained. Four years later, Batman v Superman came out to very mixed to Negative reviews by critics and fans.  A film w

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