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(film review) - IT

Me and scary movies is really touch and go.  I'm not even sure where I stand with them because I would watch a Paranormal Activity, Annabelle or Exorcist (well some of them), but I didn't watch the first IT movie.  I knew about it and I don't think I was scared per se, I just wasn't really bothered; and where everyone around me was talking about it and the famous sewer part, I just wasn't keen on watching IT and ultimately, to THIS DAY, still don't know what the infamous sewer par, was/is.  So, I think to myself, I may not have been scared by the movie itself, so I didn't want to watch it OR the thought of it scared me so I was disinterested in it.  Either way, it was a "who cares!" mentality that won.  So, as this is my first IT experience, let me tell you what IT is all about and what I thought of IT. IT is about a bunch of young teenagers who live in a town named Derry.  Derry is the sort of place where it is a quiet town that seems semi det

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