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(film review) - Spider-Man Homecoming

So, they have released another Spider-Man movie because Sony Pictures (Sony) who have made Spider-Man movies since 1977 and while technology has got a lot better over the years, the last few memorable movies over the last 15 years have been good and somewhat great in parts, to me, has not really captured the essence of Spider-Man.  Shout out to Tobey Maguire but, I DID prefer Andrew Garfield.  But the Spider-Man 2 film can arguably be the best Spider-Man movie they have ever done.

The reason why we have another movie is due to Spider-Man having a soft Reboot of the character when they put him in Captain America Civil War after striking a compromise with Sony, Marvel are able to use Spider-Man in their MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), renting him whilst Sony are basically leasing him out as they currently have the rights to use him as agreed by Marvel.  Long story short, the character belongs to Marvel but marvel sold the rights off to Sony.  Sony need to do a movie with Spider-Man every so often or the rights will revert back to Marvel.  So this deal to use Spidey in the MCU is short-term at the moment but we will never know at this moment in time if this will become longer term.

As for the Movie, Peter Parker (Tom Holland) has been Spider-Man for around 6 months and the movie basically picks up after Captain America Civil War, where Peter Parker enjoyed being an Avenger and wants to continue crime-fighting and thwarting bad guys. Peter is at school and between studying and wanting to be Spider-Man soo bad, Peter is finding school tedious.  When Peter discovers The Shocker (Bokeem Woodbine) only to later find out that he is working for Adrian Toombs aka The Vulture (Michael Keaton), Spidey finds himself in an impossible situation where he is trying to impress Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) and stop the bad guys in his Amazing Spider-Man suit, but is being knocked back by Tony because he wants him to focus on the smaller scale crimes and to leave the major criminals to the bigger guys who handle bigger threats.

This film is spectacular and even more superior in the 4DX experience.  The direction in this movie is great and I do not have a single complaint.  Having seen this twice, I might need to see it again to break it down a little more to comb through it with a fine toothed comb, but I understood everything Sony/Marvel were going for.  Also, great in 3D, but 3D does take away some of the finer details, visually.

To explain, this is another reboot of the character EVERYBODY and their Grandparent knows and we totally did not need another Uncle Ben death OR 'With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility' speech...AGAIN!
I understood that they wanted to focus on a kid playing a kid rather than a 30+ year old man playing a kid.  This played out through the characters, the acting, the things they say and how they say it, what they are doing and the general setting/environment.  Spider-Man is a geeky kid with a few geeky friends and this film plays into that a lot.  There is even a part in the movie where Spidey is shown as being vulnerable and emphasises, this is just a kid.
I understood the motive of the villain and is one of the more fleshed out villains in recent years from Marvel. You understand his plight and wasn't just moustache twirling.
The side characters were well cast and although they have been picking and choosing between different comic book iterations of Spider-Man, I really enjoyed what they did here and it didn't bother me that some of the characters are not as "Traditional" as they were in a comic books written how many years ago with a mostly white cast.
I also understood how they were trying to make this Spider-Man film a different one to it's predecessors and how they tried to connect it to MCU and for the future and not just cramming 'the future' down our throats.

There are soo much things in this movie, soo many villains they either tip the hat to or subtly point at or elude to with big comical or small comical moments. A VERY minor spoiler here, so SPOILERS (although this doesn't really give much away at all), There is a scene we see in the trailer where Tony and Peter are in the car talking. In the background, Happy is trying to take the suitcase out of the boot and is obviously struggling. When Peter comes out the car and the car drives off, Peter is casually holding the suitcase making those who spot the small detail that, Spider-Man is incredibly strong.  I mean, who caught that?

I'd definitely recommend you see this.  Charming, has heart and is a very well grounded film with a much more loveable Spider-Man because he is KID.  It is very funny without it being a comedy and the drama isn't half-baked.  Definitely the BEST Spider-Man there has been who absolutely captures the essence of Peter Parker the way he was initially intended to be like.

P.S. there are a few things in the trailers which are not in the movie, but to be honest, I don't think you would even care to notice.

Go watch it.


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