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(film review) - John Wick: Chapter 2

Just when you thought the brilliant story had ended.   Just when you thought The Babayaga came out of the shadows to play and now playtime is over!   Just when you thought the guy that everybody is afraid of, was going to return to his life of solitude with his new dog! YOU. WERE. WRONG!!! The story picks up only four days after the events of John Wick, where after seeking revenge for the murder of his cute dog, John hasn’t forgotten his beloved and stolen 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1, where he continues his rampage to rescue it from a chop shop owned by Abram Tarasov (peter Stormare), brother of Viggo and Uncle of Iosef.   Having retrieved his Mustang, john is later visited by Italian crime lord, Santino D/Antonio (Riccardo Scamarcio).   Santino forces John to honour the promise upon his marker and carry out one last job, which is the only thing that will allow him to return to retirement life.   But will john honour his word and carry out the task and fulfil his marker or will he

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