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(film review) - Friend Request

There are plenty of horror movies out there and to me, they are all basically crap.  I've never really cared for these small movies as they are a run-of-the-mill and are never really anything great, but a few sneaky ones do slip through.  Do you remember Saw? It came out in 2004 and made for $1.2m and made a Box Office of $103.9m.  Do you remember The Grudge? Also 2004 and made for $10m and made a Box Office of $187.2m.  Do you remember The Ring? A little further back, 2002 and made for $48m and made a Box Office of $249.3m.  In case you do not see it, the point I am making is that, these type of films are made for a little bit of money and can make soo much money back, hence the reason why we get soo many of these films.

Laura (Alycia Debnam-Carey) is a very popular girl at college she has 800 friends on Facebook and she enjoys life with her friends and family.  However, one day, a girl named Marina (Liesl Ahlers) sends her a friend request on Facebook in hopes to becoming best friends.  Not knowing anything about Marina, Laura accepts the request and becomes friendly with her, but when Laura does not invite Marina to her Birthday dinner, Marina becomes upset when she sees pictures posted on Facebook and angrily confronts Laura in college, publicly the following day.  In the confrontation, Marina states she will seek revenge on Laura and when Laura unfriends Marina, Marina commits suicide via webcam video and sends it to her.  After that Laura finds herself being stalked and harassed by Marina's demonic spirit.

This film was interesting.  I enjoyed it although it was predictable.  There were a few jump scares involved and a few things that creeped me out a little, but nothing to really write home about.  The film was most likely made for the price of a boneless bargain bucket from KFC and is likely to make soo much more money back as these films do well in the cinema, but with that said, we will see what it does and if it becomes the new SAW series and spawns countless more other films.  Watch if it is your thing or want to know how not to treat others.


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