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(film review) - Deadpool

Deadpool. What the hell is a Deadpool? Well the answer to that is actually explained in the film.  I'm not 100% if this is correct to the comic book universe which has been retconned over the many years after the character was conceived, but like Deadpool, he derives from the Marvel comic book universe and is a genetically modified person.  Think of Captain America.  Think of Wolverine's adamantium covered bones and healing factor.  Think Spider-Man (A character they modelled Deadpool off of fusing him with Deadshot from DC. Comics).  The point I am trying to make here is that, Deadpool is an experiment and not necessarily a Mutant although he has the Mutant healing ability Wolverine has as he was also a part of the Weapon X program Wolverine was subjected to.  A point that was slightly/briefly covered in the terrible film, X-Men Origin: Wolverine, a film that brought us Deadpool as Wade Wilson and completely butchered his character and appearance.  This film basically gives yo

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