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(film review) - Ant-Man

People make me laugh. I mean, I'm not entirely sure what it is, as I have thought about it for a little while, but I can only assume, 'popularity/familiarity'. I'll explain several experiences I have been through recently. Upon watching the trailers, for this film, I have heard from females (might I add) "Ant-Man? Really? No, not watching that?" When I ask, "why not?" and the reply was always "Ant-Man? It sounds stupid! Ant-Man? C'mon!? And he can communicate with Ants? Nope, this sounds stupid". I cannot remember the exact verbatim, but along these lines. I usually laugh it off and encourage them to watch it but, I don't know. However, these same people may love the hell out of a Spider-Man or even Batman? Maybe it is the fact that he communicates with ants or because he can shrink in size. Anyway, I digress. But what I want you to do is, go in with an open mind. Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) is a father who has not been doing well

(film review) - Ted 2

So, we have a sequel to a film about a grown man and his childhood talking teddy bear named Ted . Sometimes I wonder, how people think of these things. Then I wonder, "Ok, fine. So the movie did well, so why a sequel? I'm sure that isn't going to work the second time around." Well, let me tell you. We are 6 months since the previous outing and not a damn thing has changed, well, really.  Ted (Seth MacFarlane) is living with his girlfriend and John (Mark Wahlberg) is living a lonely life without Lori. However, as Teddy is having issues with his wife, Tami-Lynn (Jessica Barth), he decides to marry her and have a baby. The only one problem, Ted isn't considered real or better yet, he is not considered a real person. So, John and Ted must find a way to prove Ted can be considered a person with the help of a lawyer named Sam L. Jackson (Amanda Seyfried). What can I say about this film other than, people will ask me if this film is better than the first one, in w

(film review) - Knock Knock

First of all, I do not open my door to anyone. Police, Jehovah's Witness, door-to-door sales (wo) men, Bailiffs, Aunt's, Uncle's, Stray Cats, ANYONE! If I'm not expecting you or you do not call before you arrive, do not expect to gain an answer or entry. With that said, had Keanu Reeves' s character ADOPTED one of my core principles, we would not have a film. So, onwards and upwards aye. Evan Webber (Keanu Reeves) as an architect living happily with his wife and two children. With Both adults being the artistic type, Keanu requires some personal space so he can focus on a project he needs to complete and has the house to himself on Father's Day weekend. His wife Karen (Ignacia Allamand) is awaiting a delivery of a project she is working on but she takes the kids away on a family - planned beach trip whilst Evan can focus over the weekend. Once she is gone, That Night, the door knocks (Knock Knock) during heavy rain and two females was drenched at the do

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