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(film review) - San Andreas

Can The Rock do any wrong? Ummm, of course he can. He is not immune. I mean, there are actors all over the world and Hollywood who do nonsensical films. Maybe just for a paycheck as they simply 'Mail-It-In', but The Rock has been trying to choose his films wisely. I won't mention the film he did with the Lion on his head, Hercules, (Opps, I just did), although, I never saw it, I heard it didn't do very well. Ahh well, I'm kind of glad I didn't as the trailer didn't do much for me anyway. Anyway, this film, San Andreas, a film a lot of people thought it was a film based on a very popular 2004 video game by Rockstar North for the Playstation 2 called Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, this film is NOT that.

Raymond "Ray J" Gaines (Dwayne Johnson) is a Los Angeles Fire Department Air Rescue Pilot who does just that, rescue people who are in accidents. He has a wife, Emma (Carla Gugino) and a daughter, Blake (Alexandra Daddario), but their relationship has it's complications and is a little strained. When a Seimologist, Lawrence Haynes (Paul Giamatti) discovers a small earthquake which warns of an even bigger and mightier Earthquake yet to come which can potentially be felt on the west coast, Ray J must do all that he can to save the people he loves, his family.

A fairly simple plot and something we have seen probably a bagillian times, but this time it stars, Dwayne Johnson and everybody loves, Dwayne, right? Trying not to go into any spoilers, but it is plain to see that everything goes to sh*t and Dwayne has to save people. No plot twist. Nothing special at all, other than the special effects. From what you can gather in the trailer, all the destruction and falling/crumbling buildings, this film does exactly what 2012 does. It also had a Tsunami. However, with 2012, I really did feel that the film was more of an environmental advert once I left the cinema. With this film, I didn't.
The Rock doesn't do anything too grand here, but he doesn't just 'Mail-It-In'. I like his story and his relationship with his family, but other than his great charisma channeled through into his character, everything else is fairly redundant. None of the other characters have much gravitas or even add much to the story plot. But since the plot is a huge major earthquake whilst one guy tries to save his family, who really cares.

An entertaining popcorn flick with a lot of destruction and actually makes you think, "WOW" especially if you know the area (So I have been told). Have a watch. If you like this type of thing and if you adore The Rock. I mean, who doesn't Love what The Rock is Cooking?


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