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(film review) - Project Almanac

A film about time travel and the repercussions when you alter the timeline. Something which has been trial and tested over the many years from the day it was first conceived. Many successful films involve time travel. Some are poor in execution and some are just poor. But the ones which are successful, stand the test of time (No pun intended) and are obviously classics in their own right. Back to the Future, The Terminator, 12 Monkeys (Now a TV show in which I am finding hard to follow), Timecop & Looper, just to name a few. But we all know the consequences, right? Aspiring inventor, 17 year old David Raskin (Jonny Weston) is admitted into MIT and upon searching through his attic, he stumbles across an old video camcorder which belonged to his father who hasn't been around for 10 years with a recoding of his 7th Birthday on it. When viewing the recording, he notices both his 7 year old self with his 17 year old self spotted in a reflection. When David and his sister Chris

(film review) - Ex Machina

What have we learnt about artificial intelligence? So many films have covered this and for some reason, like Time - travel, Zombies and Vampires, we do not tire from these stories. I'll ask you again. What have we learnt about artificial intelligence? Well, that it isn't real, yet. What if you are able to create an intelligence soo real, you'd mistake it for real intelligence and not an artificial one. What if you are able to create an intelligence soo real which also inhabits a humanoid body soo real, you'd mistake it for a real organic human being and not an artificial technological construct. Is this a scary thought? Does this intrigue you? The film stars Caleb (Domhnall Gleeson) who is a computer programmer who wins a company lottery syndicate which allows him to meet the CEO of his company, Nathan. Nathan is an eccentric genius who lives in the mountains in his plush home with his only assistant, Kyoko and wants Caleb to spend a week there to perform a serie

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