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(film review) - Transformers 4: Age of Extinction

There is a cult following of people who watch Transformers because a) They loved the cartoon series when they were younger and NEED to see the films. B) There are the NEW following of people who either never heard of the Transformers or didn't really follow the cartoons but they do like the new film franchise. And c) The people who have watched the previous Transformers, thought they were good, passable or shiet but keep getting hooked by the new trailers which promote the film and now they have to see the new one. Me?! I'm a little bit of both. I have liked or found the films passable but these films do definitely have their drawbacks. Plus those trailers be catching me EVERY TIME! Michael Bay is a great director, but a lot of people do not like him and I understand why. A lot of people also jump onto the "Michael Bay is a sh*t director" Band Wagon, but often forget the greats. Bad Boys 1 & 2 along with The Rock and more recently, Pain & Gain, just to

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