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(film review) - Edge of Tomorrow

First and foremost, before I get into anything. Whether or not you like Tom Cruise, if you put him aside or don't even factor him in as the star, then you should love this film. I say this because I know some people who don't like him too much and I think he is cool. Maybe I am somewhat a fan and possibly, slightly bias but his films haven't all been poor to me. I've said before that, whenever he does a film, I do not see him as the character, only Tom Cruise in a different role, but with that said, even if it is just another Tom Cruise movie, this one is good. I'd also like to say that the marketing for this film is very poor. It is very confusing and as it seems like it is a futuristic film like Oblivion, some people actually thought this film was a sequel to that movie. No, it isn't, but I totally understand why you would think that. And I will tell you this for free. Although I liked Oblivion, it had a cool concept and the landscapes and scenery and spec

(film review) - 22 Jump Street

So, I remember when my boys first told me about 21 Jump Street. They both went to the cinema to watch it and said to me, well if I can remember the exact verbatim, "Bruv, you really need to see that film, it is soooooo much jokes, too funny" and I instantly thought of the trailer and was like, "ehh" and literally replied, "It just didn't look that funny or that appealing". After they reassured me, some months later I watched the movie and boy was they right. Although I'm not sure if I find it funnier than the Other Guys or maybe the comedy was more consistently laced throughout the movie, where the Other Guys to me, has sections of hilarious comedy, I still felt that 21 Jump Street was hilarious and I would indeed need to watch the sequel when it comes out. And right off the bat, the sequel to 21 Jump Street, 22 Jump Street is totally BEYOND HILARIOUS!!! As the film starts, it gives you a brief outline of what the first film was about with bo

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