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(film review) - 12 Years A Slave

It is kind of weird that I am able to write about this film, but I cannot write about Django Unchained. I mean I have no real issues with the film and I have seen both of these films and where this film had basically brought me to tears, you would have thought the Quentin Tarantino one would have done the same, no? Well, I believe I know the reason for this. Quentin Tarintino's film was advertised as a slavery film when it was merely a film with a love and Slavery was a sub theme. With 12 years a slave, this IS in actual fact, a slavery film. You might ask what the difference is, but it is not hard to understand or comprehend that although both men where trying to get back to their beloved partner/wife, Django's story centred more around his wife and his "struggle" in trying to locate her, save her and be back with her. This film on the other hand is centred around the character himself and his struggle in reclaiming his own identity so he can go back to his wife. I

(film review) - 47 Ronin

He has been missing for a little bit, but he is now back. Well I say missing, but what was the last film you remember Keanu Reeves doing? I'll give you a moment. Right, for me it was Street Kings, a film I didn't get to see but if I have a moment today, I will try and watch that tonight. Keanu Reeves is one of a few talented actors who people say he is wooden, but he is quite versatile in my opinion. No, not all of his films have been well received, but Keanu has a fan base who are loyal to him and for me, I would say this; If a Keanu film is out, I wouldn't care about it much, but I would be intrigued and want to watch it. I wouldn't go as far as saying that he is a great actor, but he is a very competent actor who does come across wooden, dry and even monotone and dreary, but the films he choose always seem to "suit" his personality. 47 Ronin to me was a good film, but was lacking a little. I'll go into that later. Kai (Keanu Reeves) is a child without

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