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(film review) - Thor: The Dark World

For those of you who know me, I try and keep abreast of all the latest information coming out of Marvel in regards to film, and DC for that matter. I have never been a comic fanatic, but I love some of the character's DC and Marvel have produced. I like different character's for different reasons and so should anybody else, I guess. But I mean, if I were to choose between two clever/intelligent rich guys from Marvel or DC, I would pick Batman. Batman will always win in a fight. Spider-Man is one of my favourites with Wolverine coming second (out of Marvel anyway), so you can imagine my excitement should they place them in the same Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sh*t, they don't even need to use Hugh Jackman (I know, I know)...let's bring on somebody else to play him, I'am totally fine with that as long as it has everything that makes, Wolverine, Wolverine. Fan boys would be pissed, but who really cares, really? Dude better just do a fine job as Wolvie, right? Big shoes to fill.

Anyway, I've digressed a lot and my main point was, "The f*ck is a Thor?".
Well, if you have not seen the first film, Thor, I'll briefly explain to you, who he is.

Thor is the son of Norse God Odin, the Allfather of the Gods and ruler of Asgard. Thor has superhuman strength, superhuman speed, superhuman reflexes and agility, superhuman stamina, superhuman senses (for tracking objects), can travel through time, can withstand physical attacks making him almost invulnerable, he can fly, he can fly between worlds and he carries a Hammer as well as being the God of Thunder and Lightening.

That is what a Thor, is.

Although he has a love hate relationship with his brother, Thor loves his brother dearly even if his brother does nothing more than try to ruin his day by being mischievous, causing anarchy and pandemonium by attacking worlds or the inhabitants of. You could see more of that in the Avengers film.
Thor: The Dark World is more of a tale of revenge from a Dark Elf named Malekith who was banished by Thor's grandfather, Bor. Now awoken from his sleep, Malekith seeks revenge on all of Asgard and Thor, running out of options chooses to release his brother from his prison for his crimes to side with him in order to defeat Malekith and save Asgard.

That is pretty much it, in a nutshell and although there is some more to it I am missing out, I've got to point out that, this film for me was better than the first film. Not only did they keep what worked in the first film, they improved on it by showing us more of everything. There is more of Asgard to look at, more from Heimdall, more "brotherly love" from Loki and Thor and although there wasn't any of the S.H.I.E.L.D characters or any other Avenger to assist Thor in his struggle, this film did well on it's own merits. The story was decent, the visuals and action were excellent and although after seeing all these superheroes get together to defeat threats in the past, i.e Avengers, you can't help but ask yourself, where were the others at this point.
It does make me wonder, at what point in this Marvel Cinematic Universe's time doe this happen in comparison to Avengers and Ironman 3?

On a side note, sometimes you want to stick with the same director for films incase the guy who takes it over cuffs it up. In this case, Alan Taylor seamlessly continues Thor's story. Now we must wait until God knows when for a sequel.

Anyway, Enjoy


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