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(film review) - Gravity

I really want to make a gravity joke but right now, I can't even think straight. If you are interested in this film after seeing the trailer, then this film is a must see. I saw it in 2D and from one of my closest mates, he stated to me that I have failed. So, I will reiterate. If you are interested in this film after seeing the trailer, this film MUST be seen in 3D. However, if you care not for the film, then read no further. The film stars Sandra Bullock as Dr. Ryan Stone who is on her first space shuttle mission aboard the space shuttle Explorer. Already floating in space on a space walk to carry out repairs/services on a space telescope, she is accompanied by Matt Kowalski (George Clooney) and a red shirt (he didn't really have a red shirt, but...). As they are carrying out astronaut stuff, things most of us don't care about, mission control in Houston warn them of a russian missile strike on a Satellite somewhere else orbiting earth which causes a chain reaction o

(film review) - Thor: The Dark World

For those of you who know me, I try and keep abreast of all the latest information coming out of Marvel in regards to film, and DC for that matter. I have never been a comic fanatic, but I love some of the character's DC and Marvel have produced. I like different character's for different reasons and so should anybody else, I guess. But I mean, if I were to choose between two clever/intelligent rich guys from Marvel or DC, I would pick Batman. Batman will always win in a fight. Spider-Man is one of my favourites with Wolverine coming second (out of Marvel anyway), so you can imagine my excitement should they place them in the same Marvel Cinematic Universe. Sh*t, they don't even need to use Hugh Jackman (I know, I know)...let's bring on somebody else to play him, I'am totally fine with that as long as it has everything that makes, Wolverine, Wolverine. Fan boys would be pissed, but who really cares, really? Dude better just do a fine job as Wolvie, right? Big sho

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