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(film review) - Kick-Ass 2

So, a lil while back, Thursday, 8 April 2010 to be precise, I did a blog on Kick-Ass and I said and I quote "I had NO IDEA what this film was about. Spider-Man? Batman? Green Lantern? Some silly teen movie with something random like superheroes and making the film a whole lot shittier than the idea of making 'Blood & Chocolate' a film?". Well although Blood & Chocolate still remains to be one of my most shittiest films I have ever seen and now that I have seen the first Kick-Ass, I was somewhat prepared for Kick-Ass 2. With that said, the film still managed to surprise me with what it entailed. The film carries on from the first Kick-Ass Movie where Dave Lizewski () has retired from crime fighting, but Hit-Girl () continues. The actions of Dave aka Kick-Ass has inspired members of the city to also become costumed vigilantes who are trying to seek justice, just as Dave started out. Red Mist (), still not over his fathers death changes his name to 'T

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