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(film review) - Oblivion

Only through watching this film, I realise I have a degree of liking for Tom Cruise. I don't love the guy or love his films, but I do enjoy them. I sat down in the cinema watching this film while the person next to me was whining about how I'm never picking a film again and how they can't stand Tom Cruise, I on the other hand thought it was bizzarre. I mean, I've said it before, Tom Cruise in a film is, well, Tom Cruise. Kind of like how Jason Statham is Jason Statham and some actors don't necessarily totally embody themselves into a character and make that character their own. You could say that about a lot of actors and maybe say, this is bad acting. But when I got hom I realised, maybe it isn't bad acting, it's a method of having a living person stand out as that person rather than a character played out. So instead of seeing the characters played by Tom, you see Tom playing different characters, which is a lot different. Anyway, just something I was th

(film reviews) - Olympus Has Fallen

I read someone before that Olympus Has Fallen is this years Die Hard. Now for those who don't know me, I'm a fan of Bruce Willis. I LOVE DIE HARD MOVIES!!! And for those who know me would understand the puzzled/confused face I pulled. So, I'm sure you could understand that a comment like that would be Blaspheming on the whole Die Hard Movie Franchise especially as a Die Hard movie came out THIS YEAR!!! (See Review Here: A Good Day To Die Hard) But the comment was, well, not THAT far from the truth. I still dislike the comment, but after seeing this film after AGDTDH enable me to criticise where necessary. First of all, the film starts Gerald Butler who I feel is a very decent actor. I do like him and ever since I saw him in 300, I thought, he is THAT guy. Going on to Law Abiding Citizen, he solidified that feeling. He plays a former US Army Ranger Mike Banning, who is the lead Secret Service Agent assigned to head the Presidential Detail for the President of the U

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