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(film review) - Jack Reacher

Such a simple name for such a simple guy. Jack Reacher. A name that kinda sticks a little as well if you say it a few times. Tom Cruise is Jack Reacher. And although a lot of the times, if not nearly every single film Tom Cruise has ever done, bar Tropic Thunder and as an IMF Agent, Tom Cruise is like Jason Statham to me. He is only 1 Character. I think there comes a time in viewing history that an actor doesn't necesarily look like a character, only who they really are. And I think this is due to make-up or even bad acting. Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham act to be all these different characters, yet to some people, i.e, myself they just look like themselves in a different movie. Maybe it's my lack of imagination. But Michael Fassbender, Sir Ian McKennen, Hugo Weaving & Johnny Depp to me, AREN'T who they are, but the characters they portray. Do you get what I mean? Maybe it's just me. However with that said, it doesn't take aw

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